Drouin Township Plan 2020-2036


The Drouin Township Plan 2020-2036 is being developed to provide an updated strategic approach to projects and initiatives for Drouin over the coming years, reflecting the changing and growing needs and aspirations of the town and community.  

This new Plan is an update to the Drouin Town Centre Strategy - 2010(PDF, 8MB) and aims to reflect current issues, challenges and trends.

The primary focus of the plan will be the commercial Town Centre of Drouin (the Primary Area), however the Plan will also consider broader residential and industrial areas, connections and development opportunities throughout the township and into new growth areas (Secondary and Tertiary Areas).

The purpose of the Township Plan is to identify practical and actionable strategies to be able to accommodate population growth, while not losing the much-loved character and amenity of Drouin.

What’s happened so far?


Phase A- Data Collection and Background Report

This phase was dedicated to data collection, stakeholder interviews, community consultation, a briefing with the Baw Baw Shire Councillors and the completion of a Background Report(PDF, 39MB), including and economic analysis(PDF, 3MB) and transport technical note(PDF, 773KB) . The Background Report and associated technical studies assisted in the development of the draft Township Plan(PDF, 92MB)

During this phase community thoughts, ideas and aspirations were sought to help guide the development of the draft Township Plan through:

  • Drop-in session at the Drouin Craft and Produce Market - 19 October 2019
  • Online and paper community survey - October/ November 2019
  • Target stakeholder interviews
  • Transport workshop with Council officers, agency representatives and consultants 

What’s happening now?

Phase B - Township Plan

Council, in collaboration with Tract consultants, have developed a draft Township Plan for Drouin(PDF, 92MB). This draft plan sets out a transformative vision for the future growth and development of Drouin, with a particular focus on the Town Centre (primary area).

The draft offers a strategic response to achieve the proposed vision and provides recommendations around four themes:

  • A thriving town centre with a broad mix of uses
  • New urban character that respects the past
  • Beautiful Parks and Plazas, tree lined streets and bustling laneways
  • A well connected and multi modal town

To lean more about the draft Plan, watch the following two-part video presentation:



For answers to frequently asked questions, see the next drop-down menu below.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Township Plan?

Township Plans define Council’s preferred directions for future policy and strategy development within a town and articulate how growth will be managed.

Each town is unique and Councils work with their communities to determine how a town should grow, taking into account population trends, changing community needs and economic factors.

Township plans can guide changes to land use, built form, public spaces that together can aim to achieve a social, economic and environmental vision for the town.  

Why do we need a Township Plan?

Drouin has, and is predicted to continue to experience significant residential population growth.

The Township Plan will be an important strategic document to provide a clear framework for future development and identify opportunities to accommodate growth while maintaining and enhancing the local amenity and character that is highly valued by the Drouin community. 

How was the draft Plan prepared?

The draft Plan was developed through a collaborative process between Council, Tract Consultants, agency stakeholders and the community.  Key steps in the process have included:

  • Preparation of background technical reports on transport and economic analysis
  • Feedback through an initial round of consultation from the community via survey and community drop-in event, and meetings with agency stakeholders
  • Preparation of a background report identifying issues and opportunities
  • Transport focused workshop with Council officers, State government agency representatives and consultants

The draft Township Plan will be finalised following collation and consideration of feedback from the community.

How will the Plan be used?

The Township Plan is a long-term document that will be used by Council to guide decision making for the coming years, including project priorities, advocacy, budgeting and amendments to the Baw Baw Planning Scheme.

It is important for Councils to have a strategic document like a Township Plan so that there is a general vision for Drouin in the community. It also identifies strategies and actions to achieve the vision in collaboration with stakeholders, such as private landholders, State government agencies and the community.

How does the Plan fit with the Drouin Precinct Structure Plan?

The study area for the Drouin Township Plan covers the existing town and does not include the areas of Drouin affected by the Precinct Structure Plan (PSP).

The PSP documents developed in 2014 by the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA, formerly MPA) guides use and development for the new growth areas.

The Township Plan considers issues and opportunities for Drouin more broadly and identifies strategies and actions for the Town Centre and existing township.  

Consultation on the draft Township Plan

Baw Baw Shire Council are seeking community feedback on the Draft Drouin Township Plan until Monday 8 June 2020.

Feedback can be provided online at the Have Your Say webpage

Alternatively, you can download a print copy of the survey and return it to Council by:

Please note, due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation and social distancing restrictions, planned in-person engagement with the community is not possible at this time.  

If you are unable to provide feedback through these channels, please call Strategic Planning on (03) 5624 2411.

What happens next?

Once the consultation period period is finished, Council and Tract consultants will review and summarise the feedback received. This may lead to changes to the draft Plan in response to matters raised by the community.     

Following any changes needed, the Township Plan would then be finalised and adopted at a Council meeting. 

Contact us

For more information, or to provide comments and feedback email Strategic Planning or call (03) 5624 2411.