Our Roads. Your Roads.

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Road works to make your roads work.

You've asked. We've listened. We've doubled our annual roads maintenance investment to $8 million per year, and committing to making your roads better. 

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In February 2020, in direct response to community feedback, Council awarded
a new Road Maintenance Contract to deliver better roads for Baw Baw over the next five years.

Valued at $8 million per annum, the new contract was awarded to DM Roads and came into effect on 1 July 2020.

We're taking a more proactive approach to assessing roads and scheduling repairs, so you can expect to see more road repairs taking place across the Shire.

What will be done differently?


  • The annual amount of road grading will be doubled across the shire.
  • Busy roads around built up areas and high-traffic areas like shopping precincts will be inspected on a monthly basis.
  • Issues like potholes will be identified and fixed sooner.
  • Smaller road corrugations will be responded to sooner.
  • To reduce the reliance on non-renewable resources, recycled materials will be used where appropriate.

How often will my road be graded?

Annual road grading will be doubled across the Shire and general maintenance levels on unsealed roads will be increased.

The threshold for response to corrugations has also been lowered.

Previously, corrugations were responded to if they were 75mm or more. Now, corrugations will be responded to if they are 40mm or more rather than 75mm.

Previously, corrugation patches had to meet or exceed 25% of total road length. Now, additional criteria has also been introduced to address corrugations on shorter patches of road.

Additionally, we've introduced new criteria to address isolated sections of corrugation such as on corners or sections of road that can be fixed with machinery other than graders. That means our graders can stay on program and around to more of our unsealed roads.

How soon will my road be fixed?

Potholes will be fixed in a quicker timeframe than previously.

On average, potholes on Councils sealed roads (link and collector roads) will be fixed in days instead of weeks.

On average, potholes on Councils unsealed roads will be repaired in half the time than previously specified.

Will big sections of road be fixed instead of small issues?

Our priority is to do what needs to be done to make the road safer.

In some cases where larger sections of roads need substantial repair, temporary small repairs may be required to make the road safe until major works can be funded and programmed.

Will I still have to call Council if there's an issue?

BBSC_ORYR_SocialTiles_Drains.jpg If you see an issue, it’s still a great idea to let us know. Factors such as heavy rain or heavy traffic, cause road conditions to change quickly. We appreciate your help in identifying repairs that need to be dealt with as a priority.

You can report it directly to Council using the Snap Send Solve app for iOS and Android devices or by using the Report a Road online form.

Please note: If the issue is an emergency requiring immediate action it’s still best to give us a call on 1300 229 229, especially outside of business hours.