Work Experience

Baw Baw Shire Council actively supports local secondary schools, TAFEs, job seekers, and tertiary educators by hosting work placement opportunities.

Benefits of Work Experience at Baw Baw Shire Council

Baw Baw Shire Council has work experience and work placement opportunities available to students and job seekers.

Work experience at Baw Baw Shire Council can provide:

  • Insights into what a job involves
  • An introduction to local government
  • Structured, supervised, hands-on experience
  • Useful work skills that are recognised in the workplace
  • Confidence in your ability to learn and become competent at new tasks
  • Work/life skills, such as communicating effectively, or working in teams
  • A chance to demonstrate how you can contribute in a work environment
  • An understanding of the world of work
  • An opportunity to demonstrate commitment and reliability
  • A new referee to add to your resume
  • An employment opportunity

Eligibility and Expectations


Students studying at a registered training and education organisation are eligible to apply for work experience provided that it forms part of their education program and their educational institution or agency covers them for personal insurance and public liability.

This includes students studying at secondary school, TAFE colleges, schools for people with disabilities, approved work experience referral agencies, and universities.

As an approved Job Services Australia provider, we also work with local employment agencies to provide work experience to Job Seekers (who work for the Dole). For more information about Job Seeker placements, go to Department of Employment.

Hours and Pay

Secondary School placements receive a minimum of $5 per day in accordance with Education Victoria Work Experience Arrangements. All other placements are unpaid.

Secondary and tertiary students on work experience and work placement are required to work from 9.00am to 5.00pm unless otherwise specified by the relevant manager.

Student Support

Students will be given meaningful and challenging projects in a supportive work environment. Work will depend on the type of placement and the work area in which the student is placed.

Students are required to report to the designated manager or team leader in the relevant work area who will provide assistance, mentoring and coaching during the work placement.

Dress Code

Business attire is required at Baw Baw Shire Council however it is suggested that students speak to their manager or team leader before the commencement date as there may be specific requirements for their work area.

Types of Work Experience

  • Year 10 Work Experience Placement
  • VCAL/VET Work Experience Placements
  • Job Seeker (Work for the Dole) Placements
  • Certificate III, IV and Diploma Placements
  • University Placements
  • University Vacation Work Placements

How to Apply for Work Experience

All requests for work experience placements require a minimum of 6 weeks notice.

It is important to note that Council receives a huge number of placement requests and it is not possible for us to accommodate all students who make applications.  Council’s ability to host students is also dependent on the work load of departments, the availability of a staff member to supervise the student, or the availability of work space. We endeavour to place as many students as we can.

Submitting an Application

Secondary Students

To apply for a position through Structured Workplace Learning Portal, please complete and submit the Secondary Student Workplace Placement Application Form.

Tertiary students

To apply for work placement as part of your registered course, please complete and submit the Tertiary Student Workplace Placement Application Form(PDF, 66KB).

Job Seeker (Work for the Dole) Placements

Contact your employment agency.

For more information about the activities typically undertaken for each of the placement types, and any other inquiries email the Shire or call 5624 2411.

Processing Applications

Applications take approximately 10 working days to process. Applications are referred to relevant departments and the applicant will be advised if a placement opportunity is available. If a position is available, applicants are required to attend an interview with the relevant supervisor and provide all appropriate documentation prior to commencement.