A planning permit is required to:

  • subdivide land into two or more lots
  • subdivide buildings
  • realign boundaries
  • excise house lots
  • create, vary or remove easements
  • vary or remove covenants

We recommend you speak to a Planning Officer before lodging an application for a planning permit.

You may also wish to obtain advice from a Licensed Land Surveyor who may lodge an application on your behalf.

For application requirements, refer to the checklists in the Related Information section on this page.

To request hardcopies of these documents or to view them at a Customer Service Centre, contact the Statutory Planning Department on 5624 2411.

Building or Effluent Envelope Amendments

Written consent from the Planning Department is required to change a building or effluent envelope.

An effluent envelope is a form of wastewater treatment and usually is found on rural properties.

These requests must be made in writing to the Planning Department together with the following details:

  • A letter explaining why the change is required
  • An up-to-date title search with copies of any covenants, Section 173 Agreements or other encumbrances that may be registered
  • A site plan showing the existing site conditions and proposed changes
  • The planning fee for 'written consent'