Asbestos was commonly used in many building materials between the 1950s and the 1990s. Around 60% of homes in Baw Baw Shire contain asbestos - and they're not all as obvious as you may think. Asbestos was used in more than 3,000 products, including 2,000 building products.

All types of asbestos can be damaging to health. Generally, however, the presence of asbestos does not pose health risks unless it is broken, in poor or deteriorated condition, or disturbed during activities that produce dust containing asbestos fibres.

If you have any concerns regarding the removal of asbestos please contact the WorkSafe Victoria Advisory Service on 1800 136 089 or visit the Worksafe website.

Council would always recommend engaging a licensed professional to manage and remove any asbestos materials.

Asbestos Victoria has references to assist you in finding information relating to asbestos removal and certified removalists. A handy call list can be found on the Asbestos Victoria Website.

Latrobe Valley Asbestos Taskforce

Council is an active member of the Latrobe Valley Asbestos Taskforce (LVAT) which was formally commissioned in February 2019.  The establishment of the LVAT is an opportunity to ensure the health and wellbeing of Latrobe Valley communities is prioritised. It will give confidence to the community that government is not only listening to their concerns, but is committed to the development of a transparent process to develop meaningful long-term plans and activities to deal with contaminated materials. Latrobe Valley communities have expressed a clear expectation for transparency, responsiveness and effective feedback processes regarding asbestos complaints and handling.

What to do when you find asbestos

If the asbestos is on an industrial site

  • Industrial removal or storage of Asbestos is licensed by EPA. You can notify EPA of stockpiles you are concerned may contain asbestos or if the stockpile is not being appropriately managed

The neighbour is pulling down an old shed that looks like asbestos:

  • Contact Council's Public Health Team to assess by calling 5624 2411.

I've found dumped asbestos:

  • Contact Council's Public Health Team to assess by calling 5624 2411.

A contractor/business is removing asbestos in my street:

  • Contact Worksafe. You should also contact Worksafe when there is asbestos being removed as part of contracted demolition work and you have not been notified or have concerned about the practices of the site.

Asbestos Fact Sheets