Aberfeldy Cemetery Trust

The Aberfeldy Cemetery is a beautiful cemetery, surrounded by quiet peaceful views and the sound of the birds.  We have recently installed a Seat of Remembrance which symbolises and remembers the 15 WW1 soldiers who enlisted and fought for Australia.  One soldier, Henry Archie Donaldson from Toombon, did not return.  You can sit and look out over the panaroma before you, contemplating and remembering those devastating times and how Australia has developed since that time. 

Life in this area was hard in the pioneer times, and many old graves in the cemetery reflect this.  The area was a gold mining area with many mines operating over a 60 year period.  The township of Aberfeldy serviced these mines and the people who worked in them.

We are happy to have enquiries and are selling plots to those who love the area.  The contact number is 0429 656 205.


Aberfeldy Cemetery,  Cemetery Road,  Aberfeldy 3825  View Map

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