Council Meeting Snapshot - Wednesday 28 September 2022

Published on 28 September 2022

To keep our community up to date with key Council decisions, outcomes and plans; here is a snapshot summary from Council’s Wednesday 28 September Council meeting.    

Planning and Development

Planning Scheme Amendment C144 - Flood Mapping - Post Exhibition

Council moved an alternate motion to:

  • Note the submissions received to Baw Baw Planning Scheme Amendment C144; 
  • Resolve that the Planning Scheme Amendment C144, in accordance with Section 23 of the Planning and Enivronment Act 1987 (the Act) be abandoned, and;
  • Advise the submitters, the Minister for Planning, Melbourne Water and the West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority of Councils decision.

Response to Coromandel Arboretum Petition

Council does not instruct Council officers to inform VCAT that Council will accept the Coromandel Arboretum as a neighbourhood park, and will advise the lead petitioner of this outcome and to contact VCAT should they wish to apply for joinder. 

Community Infrastructure

Tender Recommendation - CON-2021035 Warragul Leisure Centre Main Contract

Council moved to:

  • Approve the award of CON-2021035 Warragul Leisure Centre Expansion - Main Contract to Kubale Construction Pty Ltd for Option 1, Design Option A for the Best and Final Offer submission, to the value of $11,254,950 (ex. GST) inclusive of contingency. 
  • Delegate authority to the CEO to sign the contract documents and execute the award of the contract; and,
  • Allocate the relevant project budget funding shortfall as part of Council's 2023-2024 annual budget process.

Governance and Information Services

Proposal to name the McGlone Road Public Reserve 'Golden Whistler Reserve';

Council moved to endorse the name 'Golden Whistler Reserve' for the McGlone Road Public Reserve, Drouin, and commence a 30-day period of community consultation.

General Business

General Business Motion from Cr Jazmin Tauru - Youth Council

Councillor Tauru requested a report be brought back to Council no later than 23 November 2022, detailing options to implement an engagement program with young people to better understand the community through their eyes, and to create greater knowledge on the operations of Local Government, and career possibilities in Council including the Councillor role.

Confidential Council Meeting

Council also held a Confidential Council Meeting,  to consider the following;

  • 2021/22 CEO performance review conducted by the CEO Employment and Remuneration Committee;
  • 2022/23 CEO Key Performance Criteria; and,
  • The proposed CEO Remuneration for 2022/23; pursuant to the Local Government Act 2020; and,
  • To consider a separate matter which if prematurely released would prejudice the Council's position in commercial negotiations.

Baw Baw Shire Council have reopened Council Meetings to members of the public. 

Bookings are encouraged. Please visit to book. 

All Council meetings will be live-streamed, and archived recordings will be available on the Council website for viewing.

The agenda for the next meeting will be available online the Friday prior to the meeting.

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