List of Current Planning Permit Applications on Exhibition

The documents available on this page are incomplete versions of the full applications. If you wish to view a complete application, you can arrange to view a hardcopy at the nearest Customer Service Centre by calling 5624 2411.


Application Number Address   Proposal
PLA0053/19(PDF, 5MB) 123 Hopetoun Road DROUIN Subdivision of 2 Lots
PLA0025/19(PDF, 9MB) 270 Armours Road WARRAGUL Subdivision of 2 Lots
PLA0368/18(PDF, 5MB) 274 Christies Road BULN BULN Construction of a Farm Building associated with the use of the land for horticulture
PLA0045/19(PDF, 5MB) 110 Phillips Road HEATH HILL Agricultural Building
PLA0383/18(PDF, 13MB) 22-24 Victoria Street WARRAGUL Use and Development of a Function Centre, Industry (Coffee Roasting) and Waiver of Car Parking
PLA0016/19(PDF, 34MB) 22-24 Victoria Street WARRAGUL Liquor License
PLA0031/19(PDF, 19MB) 3015 Main Neerim Road NEERIM JUNCTION Two Lot Subdivision (House Lot Excision)
PLA0355/18(PDF, 19MB) 492 Yarragon South Road YARRAGON SOUTH Develop an Outbuilding for the purposes of Selling Wine
PLA0022/19(PDF, 18MB) 12A Arnup Crescent DROUIN Subdivision of the land into 2 lots
PLA0378/18(PDF, 10MB) Weebar Road DROUIN Removal of Native Vegetation (9 trees)
PLA0287/18(PDF, 6MB) 5 Banksia Street WARRAGUL Development of 3 Dwellings
PLA0015/19(PDF, 2MB) 13 Mckindlay Street DROUIN Two Lot Subdivision  
PLA0027/19(PDF, 31MB) 935 Brandy Creek Road ROKEBY Subdivision of 16 Lots and the creation of access to a Road Zone Category 1
PLA0042/19(PDF, 5MB) 10 Hogan Court DROUIN Subdivision of 9 Lots
PLA0037/19(PDF, 6MB) 45 Western Park Drive WARRAGUL Subdivision of Two Lots
PLA0026/19(PDF, 2MB) 875 Main South Road DROUIN SOUTH Development of an Outbuilding ancillary to a Dwelling
PLA0358/18(PDF, 14MB) 44 Clifford Street WARRAGUL Development of a Single dwelling
PLA0317/18(PDF, 4MB) 178 Jalna Park Road TANJIL SOUTH Single dwelling
PLA0331/18(PDF, 20MB) 11 Lardner Road DROUIN Development of 10 Dwellings
AMD0010/19(PDF, 10MB) 33 School Road TRAFALGAR Change what permit allows and current conditions
PLA0029/19(PDF, 31MB) Millers Road TRAFAGAR EAST Use and develop land for a dwelling  
PLA0336/18(PDF, 7MB) 26 Western Park Drive WARRAGUL Construction of Second Dwelling (Dual Occupancy Development)
PLA0334/18(PDF, 16MB) 23 Young Street DROUIN Development of Two Dwellings and Alterations to Existing Dwelling
PLA0064/18(PDF, 36MB) 12 Green Valley Drive DROUIN Subdivision of land into three (3) lots and associated works in general accordance with submitted plans
PLA0380/17(PDF, 3MB) 34 Thalloo Road THALLOO Development associated with a Dwelling (Extensions) and associated works in general accordance with submitted plans
 PLA0333/18(PDF, 5MB) 36 Saleyards Road TRAFALGAR Use and Development of two Warehouses and ancillary Office, a reduction in Car Parking and Signage
 PLA0034/19(PDF, 5MB) 57-59 Queen Street WARRAGUL  Application for a restaurant Liquor License including on street dining.
PLA0139/18(PDF, 8MB) 20 Rangeview Street WARRAGUL Two (2) Lot Subdivision and Removal of covenant E963808
PLA0381/18(PDF, 19MB) 75 Palmer Road JINDIVICK Alterations and additions to a single dwelling
PLA0350/18(PDF, 6MB) 37 Rangeview Street WARRAGUL  2 lot Subdivision & Removal of Restrictive Covenant F579250
PLA0011/19(PDF, 5MB) 21 Montgomery Street WARRAGUL Development of 2 dwellings
PLA0307/18(PDF, 9MB) 239 Albert Road WARRAGUL  Use and Development of Land for Industry (Concrete Article Production)
PLA0326/18(PDF, 3MB) 16 Normanby Street WARRAGUL Use of Land for Rural Industry (Sorting and Packing of Agricultural Produce) and Restricted Retail Premises (Retail Sale of Agricultural Produce)
PLA0342/18(PDF, 29MB) 18 & 1/20 Main South Road DROUIN Development of 12 Dwellings
PLA0308/18(PDF, 4MB) 202 Araluen Road YARRAGON Development of a Replacement Building associated with a Rural Industry (existing use)
PLA0076/18(PDF, 9MB) 11 Sinclair Street DROUIN Development of eight dwellings, four retail premises, reduction of car parking and associated works
PLA0325/18(PDF, 2MB) 4 Yarragon Shady Creek Road YARRAGON Extension to existing Bowling Club, Club House and relocation of storage shed
PLA0376/18(PDF, 4MB) 306 Old Drouin Road LONGWARRY Subdivision (House Lot Excision)
PLA0286/07.A(PDF, 4MB) DS 93 Princes Highway TRAFALGAR To extend the hours of operation and liquor license. (PLA0286/07)
PLA0148/18(PDF, 4MB) 20 Kamanari Court DROUIN Variation to restriction and two (2) lot subdivision
PLA0071/18(PDF, 6MB) Sunny Creek Connection Road TRAFALGAR SOUTH Use and Development of a Dwelling and associated works in general accordance with the submitted plans
PLA0081/18(PDF, 3MB) Road Reserve Adjacent to 175 Settlement Road DROUIN Removal of native vegetation
PLA0318/15(PDF, 768KB) 50 Scenic Road WARRAGUL Develop Land with Two (2) Additional Dwellings, Resulting in Three (3) Dwellings on a lot
PLA0317/15(PDF, 1MB) 4 Centre Avenue Warragul  To Develop Land with 3 Dwellings 
PLA0149/14.A(PDF, 1MB)   220 & 276 Old Fumina Road Neerim North  Amendment to increase patronage from 300 to 600 and increase car-parking to accommodate