List of Current Planning Permit Applications on Exhibition

The documents available on this page are incomplete versions of the full applications. If you wish to view a complete application, you can arrange to view a hardcopy at the nearest Customer Service Centre by calling 5624 2411.


Application Number Address   Proposal
 PLA0333/18(PDF, 5MB) 36 Saleyards Road TRAFALGAR Use and Development of two Warehouses and ancillary Office, a reduction in Car Parking and Signage
 PLA0034/19(PDF, 5MB) 57-59 Queen Street WARRAGUL  Application for a restaurant Liquor License including on street dining.
 PLA0328/18(PDF, 8MB) 1810 Lardners Track TORWOOD  Use of Existing Dwelling as Caretakers Residence  
PLA0063/11.D(PDF, 6MB) 14 Moe- Willow Grove Road WILLOW GROVE Amendment to PLA0063/11.C  Change of Use to a Tavern, Reduction of car parking and amend liquor license by an increase in the number of patrons
PLA0347/18(PDF, 26MB) 798 Princes Way DROUIN Subdivision of Land (Three lots) and associated works
PLA0139/18(PDF, 8MB) 20 Rangeview Street WARRAGUL Two (2) Lot Subdivision and Removal of covenant E963808
PLA0313/18(PDF, 16MB) 26 Hamono Road NEERIM Use and Development of Land for a Dwelling
PLA0343/18(PDF, 22MB) 19 - 21 Collett Street LONGWARRY Subdivision, Buildings and Works (Dwelling, driveway and fences per lot) and Removal of Native Vegetation
PLA0381/18(PDF, 19MB) 75 Palmer Road JINDIVICK Alterations and additions to a single dwelling
PLA0350/18(PDF, 6MB) 37 Rangeview Street WARRAGUL  2 lot Subdivision & Removal of Restrictive Covenant F579250
PLA0011/19(PDF, 5MB) 21 Montgomery Street WARRAGUL Development of 2 dwellings
AMD0028/18(PDF, 2MB) 40- 42 Saleyards Road TRAFALGAR Amending Hours of Operation and Use Condition
PLA0010/19(PDF, 8MB) 8 Burvill Court WARRAGUL Development of a Dwelling in a Heritage Overlay
PLA0248/18(PDF, 13MB) 23 George Street WARRAGUL Development of Two Dwellings and Two Lot Subdivision
PLA0375/18(PDF, 19MB) 26A Grant Street DROUIN Use and Development of a Child Care centre, Business Identification Sign and a Reduction in Car Parking (2 Spaces)
PLA0298/18(PDF, 25MB) 6 Gerrard Street DROUIN Development of Two Dwellings
AMD0020/18(PDF, 5MB) 492 Copelands Road LILLICO Amended application for the development of a replacement dwelling (changing design and location of dwelling)
PLA0216/18(PDF, 50MB) 220 Stock Road DROUIN  Use and Development of Land for Animal Keeping (Dog Breeding)
AMD0003/18(PDF, 17MB) 39 Weebar Road DROUIN Section 72 Amendment which seeks to remove condition 6 of the planning permit and vary the vegetation to be removed from the Roadside. The permit is for “Staged 13 lots subdivision, removal of native vegetation, and associated works, in accordance with the endorsed plans”
PLA0307/18(PDF, 9MB) 239 Albert Road WARRAGUL  Use and Development of Land for Industry (Concrete Article Production)
PLA0297/18(PDF, 8MB) 28 Saleyards Road TRAFALGAR Use and Development of a Caretaker’s House and Industrial Building (Motor Vehicle Repairs) and Reduction in Car Parking
PLA0326/18(PDF, 3MB) 16 Normanby Street WARRAGUL Use of Land for Rural Industry (Sorting and Packing of Agricultural Produce) and Restricted Retail Premises (Retail Sale of Agricultural Produce)
PLA0342/18(PDF, 29MB) 18 & 1/20 Main South Road DROUIN Development of 12 Dwellings
PLA0308/18(PDF, 4MB) 202 Araluen Road YARRAGON Development of a Replacement Building associated with a Rural Industry (existing use)
PLA0076/18(PDF, 9MB) 11 Sinclair Street DROUIN Development of eight dwellings, four retail premises, reduction of car parking and associated works
PLA0325/18(PDF, 2MB) 4 Yarragon Shady Creek Road YARRAGON Extension to existing Bowling Club, Club House and relocation of storage shed
PLA0376/18(PDF, 4MB) 306 Old Drouin Road LONGWARRY Subdivision (House Lot Excision)
PLA0203/18(PDF, 6MB) 33 Kennedy Street LONGWARRY 2 Lot Subdivision
PLA0286/07.A(PDF, 4MB) DS 93 Princes Highway TRAFALGAR To extend the hours of operation and liquor license. (PLA0286/07)
PLA0148/18(PDF, 4MB) 20 Kamanari Court DROUIN Variation to restriction and two (2) lot subdivision
PLA0071/18(PDF, 6MB) Sunny Creek Connection Road TRAFALGAR SOUTH Use and Development of a Dwelling and associated works in general accordance with the submitted plans
PLA0081/18(PDF, 3MB) Road Reserve Adjacent to 175 Settlement Road DROUIN Removal of native vegetation
PLA0039/17(PDF, 1MB) 36 Gardner & Holman Road DROUIN Four (4) Lot Subdivision, Removal of Native Vegetation & Associated Works, Generally in Accordance with the Submitted Plans 
PLA0318/15(PDF, 768KB) 50 Scenic Road WARRAGUL Develop Land with Two (2) Additional Dwellings, Resulting in Three (3) Dwellings on a lot
PLA0317/15(PDF, 1MB) 4 Centre Avenue Warragul  To Develop Land with 3 Dwellings 
PLA0149/14.A(PDF, 1MB)   220 & 276 Old Fumina Road Neerim North  Amendment to increase patronage from 300 to 600 and increase car-parking to accommodate