List of Current Planning Permit Applications on Exhibition

The documents available on this page are incomplete versions of the full applications. If you wish to view a complete application, you can arrange to view a hardcopy at the nearest Customer Service Centre by calling 5624 2411.


Application Number Address   Proposal
PLA0292/18(PDF, 2MB) 21 Mackey Street LONGWARRY Permit to Sell and Consume liquor (Restaurant Premises) and Reduction in Car Parking (10 Spaces)
PLA0237/18(PDF, 17MB) 3 Ablett Court DROUIN Two (2) lot subdivision
PLA0339/17(PDF, 4MB) 67 North Road WARRAGUL Use and Development of a Residential Building (Boarding House)
PLA0129/18(PDF, 6MB) 3 James Court DROUIN  Two (2) Lot Subdivision
PLA0108/18(PDF, 56MB)  2 Oddy Street DROUIN Development of ten (10) dwellings and associated subdivision
PLA0224/18(PDF, 607KB) 467 Hazeldean Road YARRAGON Re-instatement of a agricultural outbuilding and associated works
PLA0144/18(PDF, 2MB) 735 Old Sale Road BRANDY CREEK Extension to Existing Dwelling
PLA0213/18(PDF, 2MB) 34 Saleyards Road TRAFALGAR  Use and development of a Warehouse for electrical trades equipment and supplies
PLA0179/18(PDF, 3MB) School Road TRAFALGAR To develop an Agricultural Building (machinery shed) and associated works
PLA0226/17(PDF, 5MB) 1159 Old Sale Road BULN BULN Subdivision (Boundary Realignment)
PLA0176/18(PDF, 8MB) 935 Brandy Creek Road ROKEBY To develop a Dwelling and associated works
PLA0184/18(PDF, 7MB) 1 Sandstock Drive WARRAGUL Two (2) Lot Subdivision
PLA0096/18(PDF, 17MB) 72 Weebar Road DROUIN Six (6) Lot Staged Subdivision and associated works
PLA0167/18(PDF, 8MB) 3 Darcan Way DROUIN Change of use Indoor Recreation Facility (Swim School) and associated works
PLA0183/18(PDF, 3MB) 50 Church Hill Road WALHALLA Alterations to an existing dwelling (deck extension) in accordance with the submitted plans
PLA0143/18(PDF, 2MB) 32 Summerlea Street TRAFALGAR Two (2) Lot Subdivision
PLA0159/18(PDF, 9MB) 14 Park View Road DROUIN To develop land with four (4) single storey dwellings and associated works
PLA0148/18(PDF, 4MB) 20 Kamanari Court DROUIN Variation to restriction and two (2) lot subdivision
PLA0071/18(PDF, 6MB) Sunny Creek Connection Road TRAFALGAR SOUTH Use and Development of a Dwelling and associated works in general accordance with the submitted plans
PLA0081/18(PDF, 3MB) Road Reserve Adjacent to 175 Settlement Road DROUIN Removal of native vegetation
PLA0112/18(PDF, 7MB) 37-39 Kennedy Street LONGWARRY Four (4) Lot Subdivision
PLA0285/16.A(PDF, 1MB)   Main Neerim Road NEERIM  Use of land for Car Park & Helicopter Landing Site ancillary to a Place of Assembly Amended Times Saturday 12 midday to 8pm Sunday 10am to 4.30pm
PLA0335/17(PDF, 2MB) 40-44 Drouin Road LONGWARRY Subdivision (25 Lots), Removal of Native Vegetation, Creation of Access onto Road Zone Category 1, and Associated Works in General Accordance with the Submitted Plans
PLA0039/17(PDF, 1MB) 36 Gardner & Holman Road DROUIN Four (4) Lot Subdivision, Removal of Native Vegetation & Associated Works, Generally in Accordance with the Submitted Plans 
PLA0217/17(PDF, 2MB) 10 Lampard Road DROUIN Development of Two Additional Dwellings and Associated Works, Generally in Accordance with the Submitted Plans
PLA0318/15(PDF, 768KB) 50 Scenic Road WARRAGUL Develop Land with Two (2) Additional Dwellings, Resulting in Three (3) Dwellings on a lot
PLA0317/15(PDF, 1MB) 4 Centre Avenue Warragul  To Develop Land with 3 Dwellings 
PLA0149/14.A(PDF, 1MB)   220 & 276 Old Fumina Road Neerim North  Amendment to increase patronage from 300 to 600 and increase car-parking to accommodate