Your Planning Permit

Apply for a Planning Permit

Recent changes introduced by State Government mean that from 19 September 2014 there are two streams of planning permit applications:

  • Those assessed under the standard planning process.
  • Those assessed under the new VicSmart planning provisions.

Applications that meet the VicSmart criteria are generally simple applications that have a 10 day assessment timeframe. It is important you understand which type of application you need to apply for as the application form and information that is required to be submitted with your application will be different.

For all types of applications we advise that you:

  1. Talk to a planner before you lodge your application. Consider bringing in sketch plans and other application documents (such as an arborist or geotechnical report) to discuss with a planner over the counter or in a pre-application meeting.
  2. Talk to your neighbours and other authorities about your proposal. An early discussion can often help to address any concerns they may have and open the way for negotiation.
  3. Hire a professional to prepare, lodge and manage your application, if possible.
  4. Lodge your application form with the required fees and documentation.

Supporting Documents that you must provide with your Planning Permit Application include:

  • A completed and signed application form.
  • The relevant application fee.
  • A full, current (produced within 90 days) copy of title.
  • Three sets of plans (site, floor and elevation plans) drawn to scale. Refer to the example plans in the Related Information section on this page.
  • Other documentation (such as a relevant planning checklist).

We recommend you speak to one of our Planning Officers before you submit your application to check you have everything you need.

To obtain an up-to-date copy of Title, go to LANDATA.

To request hardcopies of these documents, contact the Statutory Planning Department on 5624 2411.

Extending a Planning Permit

In order to extend a planning permits expiry date, the planning permit must still be valid and within six months of the expiry date. When applying for an extension, you must provide:

  • A cover letter detailing the extension period proposed and justification as to why this extension is required.
  • A fully completed application form to extend a planning permit.
  • Payment of the applicable fee.

Amending a Planning Permit

If any changes are required to what has been approved in your planning permit you must apply for an amendment to the existing planning permit. When applying for an extension, you must provide:

  • A fully completed application form to amend an existing planning permit.
  • Payment of the applicable fee.