Virtual Market Resource Kit

Many of our incredible local makers and producers have recently faced challenges with sharing their incredible products with locals and visitors alike. The Victorian Government have shown support through initiatives such as Click for Vic and Victorian Country Markets.

Baw Baw Shire Council is supporting businesses to take advantage of these fantastic initiatives with a Virtual Market Resource Kit. The kit is designed to enhance businesses opportunity to sell products online via Virtual Market Place. 

The contents of the kit include:

  1. A $250 voucher for a local photographer to take images of products to showcase on Victorian Country Market
  2. A coupon code for a free listing with ATDW (Australian Tourism Data Warehouse) to enable the business to be listed on Visit Victoria and the Tourism Australia website.
  3. A free 30-minute consultation with our Tourism Officer providing advice and ease when navigating the application process.

We have limited kits available. If you are interested, please send the Tourism team an email to register for a Virtual Market Resource Kit.


What is Victorian Country Market?

The Victorian Country Market provides a platform for Victorian producers and makers to market and sell their products in an online environment alongside other market stalls. This online platform provides a destination for shoppers to browse through an extensive selection of produce and artisan products from farmers and producers across the state and purchase through one transaction via the webpage. 

What is Click for Vic?

Click for Vic is an initiative from Visit Victoria designed to keep businesses operating throughout the disruptions caused by Covid-19. Click for Vic is a platform that connects consumers to a wide range of producers, growers and artisans from across Victoria and offers at-home, virtual or delivery to your door experiences.

How do I create a great listing?

A high-quality image of the product(s) intended to showcase on the virtual market stall with a corresponding catchy description of the product. Including stall links to external pages, such as social media channels will help the purchaser get a better understanding of your brand. In addition, The Victorian Country Market can assist with marketing for your online stall and provide marketing assets and advice on how best to drive sales for your product.

How do I participate?

Send us an email and we will provide you with a Virtual Market Resource Kit and guide you through the process of creating a listing.

How much does it cost?

There are no fees involved in registering for a Virtual Market Resource Kit. Victorian Country Market have no fees for the first 12 months of your listing.