Family Friendly Shops Project

Family Friendly Shops is a joint project between Baw Baw Shire Council and Olivia's Place.

As part of the Baw Baw Family Friendly Project, we want parents and children to feel welcome in local businesses, which will encourage families to frequent stores in their neighbourhood - which are also usually run by local families!

Any type of business can choose to participate in this project by displaying any combination of the Family Friendly Service stickers. This will alert parents to the facilities or services they can access within their business.

The sticker system is an easy and eye-catching way to let families in the area know that facilities like a parent room for feeding, or a toilet are available without the obligation of making a purchase.

Why would you choose to participate as a business?

  • With a growing number of new families moving to the area, it’s an opportunity to attract new customers to your business
  • Increased retention of customers
  • It's a great promotional tool, helping you to increase customer satisfaction and raise your profile through social media.
  • Participating businesses will be listed in an online directory.


How does it work?

Download a copy of the Family Friendly Shops Information Pack from the 'Related Information' section of this page to find out how this can work for your business.


How to register

Complete the registration form in the 'Related Information' section of this page. 

For more information please contact the Family and Children's Services team on 5624 2540.