Brighten up Baw Baw Mural Projects


Baw Baw Shire Council is calling for expressions of interest from suitably qualified visual artists or collectives to create help brighten up Baw Baw by completing exciting and captivating public artwork as part of its Outdoor Activations program. 

Expressions of interest were accepted from Friday 3 June to Sunday 3 July. 

Council has identified three locations where murals will be installed across the Shire, where artists will be tasked with providing vibrant visuals that promote our region and capture a part of what makes Baw Baw truly unique. The three locations are:

  • 15 Napier Street, Warragul
  • 13 Palmerston Street, Warragul
  • Yarragon Public Toilet block

The project aims to deliver inspiring murals to replace existing facades in heavy foot-traffic areas.

The murals will provide colourful reference points for locals and visitors alike, and become points of inspiration and creativity for the entire community. 

Baw Baw Shire encouraged all artists/collectives that are eligible to work within Australia and who have a current ABN to completion of interest in completing one or more of the murals by completing an online submission.

The project sites

15 Napier Street, Warragul

Located at 15 Napier Street, Warragul (the exterior of the Herd Coworking building) is a 4m x 4m wall that has been identified as a mural location. 

Themes to consider for this location when completing a submission include geographical images, local flora and fauna, and local cultural imagery. The mural should be colourful, eye catching, vibrant and modern.

The project budget for this site is $10,000.

13 Palmerston Street, Warragul

Located at 13 Palmerston Street, Warragul (the laneway between Priceline Pharmacy and The Grange cafe) is a 4m x 4m wall that has been identified as a mural location. 

Themes to consider for this location when completing a submission include geographical images, local flora and fauna, and local cultural imagery. The mural should be colourful, eye catching, vibrant and modern.

The project budget for this site is $10,000.

Yarragon Public Toilet Block

Located on the Princes Way median strip is the Yarragon Public Toilet Block, this high use public facility's external walls have been identified as a mural location. The three walls not facing the freeway are included in the work area, and have total surface area of approximately 110m2.

Themes to consider for this location when completing a submission include the surrounding landscape, coffee, art, dogs and shopping. The mural should tell a story about Yarragon's past, present or future. 3D concepts will be considered for this site.

The project budget for this site is $20,000. 

Project requirements

Before making a submission, please read through the following project requirements:

  • Successful artists will be required to supply all materials and equipment needed to complete their design.
  • Preparation of the wall surfaces prior to commencement of the mural should be included in your proposed budget. 
  • Artists must include a current certificate of Public Liability Insurance for $20 million as part of their submission to be eligible for the project (NAVA can arrange a policy for arts workers).
  • The intended lifespan of the mural is two to five years; the minimum projected life-span is two years. However, Council reserves the right to re-paint or remove the artwork in the future. Council will consult the artist/s where possible prior to removing the artwork and ensure it is appropriately documented.  
  • The medium used should be permanent, weather resistant and withstand a minimum of five years. Anti-graffiti coating is required to be applied by the artist as part of the project. 
  • In the case of significant damage or vandalism, including partial demolition, Council will determine the course of action in  consultation with the artist where possible. Maintenance of the artwork will be managed by Council. 
  • The successful artist will liaise with and be available to attend meeting with Council's project team and property owners where relevant regarding the design and delivery of the project. 

Project timelines

Following the expression of interest period, submissions will be reviewed by a subcommittee of Council's Arts and Culture Advisory Committee between 4 - 8 July 2022.

Following their appointment, successful artists will be required to complete their artwork by 31 August 2022.

Project budget

Artists should include a project budget as part of their submission, which must include:  

  • All material and equipment costs.
  • All artists fees, commission for artists' dealers or representatives (where applicable), fees for any assistants and/or sub-contractors.
  • Artists and associated assistants working on the commission will be expected to meet all requirements and costs regarding occupational health, safety, and risk management. 

50% of the project budget will be paid at the commencement of the project and the remaining 50% will be paid upon completion. The total budget for each site can be found in the 'The project sites' tab.

Health and Safety

The selected artist is required to prepare and submit a risk assessment document prior to commencing any works. This risk assessment shall be used to record and identify the risks foreseen and risk control methods to be employed by the artist.   

Prior to the commencement of any works the artist shall also submit a health and safety plan for approval, specific to the works. The plan shall consider and respond to the specific occupational health and safety hazards and issues relevant to the works and document the systems and methods to be implemented to manage such hazards.  

Submission requirements

Artists/collectives are encouraged to apply with a proposed concept design for the location.

The designs do not need to be fully detailed and can be conceptual in nature. Your submission should explain what you plan to do, why you plan to do it and your experience in similar public art projects. Full designs will be developed once the artist has been selected and must be approved before work commences. 

Your submission must include: 

  • Written response to the project brief (maximum of 500 words).  
  • A project budget.
  • Design ideas for proposed artwork (digital image: photoshop or sketches); please note you can supply up to three design ideas.  
  • Submit between 5 to 10 images that demonstrate your experience and style of work.  
  • A description of your involvement in at least one similar project, especially noting previous experience of community engagement.  
  • Copy of current public liability insurance certification. (Note: submission will be accepted if this is not currently available but will be required prior to signing of the contract if your proposal is selected.) 
  • Curriculum vitae and contact details. 
  • Two referees contact details, relating to previous projects.  

Submissions must be received no later than Sunday 3 July 2022. 

Evaluation criteria

Submissions will be evaluated against the following criteria:  

  • Artistic merit, integrity and creativity of proposal.  
  • Experience and skill demonstrated in previous public art/mural projects.  
  • Appropriateness of design to the site and themes.  
  • Feasibility of proposal (whether the work can realistically be completed within the timeframe and budget). 
  • Connection to Baw Baw Shire community. 

Contact us

Expressions of interest can be submitted until 5pm Sunday 3 July 2022.

If you have any questions or enquiries about the expression of interest process, please contact Council's Outdoor Activation and Events Officer, Eve Newbegin via email or by calling 5624 2813.