Hard Waste


Have you got hard waste to dispose of? 

New bookings for the 2019-20 free hard waste collection commenced on 1 July 2019.

Please note: Free collections are residential only - this service is not available to businesses, commercial enterprises or other non-residential entities.

Residents have several options for the disposal of acceptable hard waste through Council's hard waste service: 

Please note that your free 2 cubic metre allocation of hard waste is applicable per financial year, with a new allocation being available from 1 July every year.

The free at call hard waste collection service replaces the previous hard waste vouchers issued with your rate notices.

Kerbside Hard Waste Collections

At Call  

Residents are able to book one annual at call kerbside collection per financial year at no cost (conditions apply). The service allows for the kerbside collection of up to two cubic metres of acceptable hard waste placed within the front property boundary.

This service is available to residents living at the property—whether owner or tenant (commercial, industrial and vacant land excluded).

A detailed information pack explaining collection requirements will be sent by W M Waste Management Services to residents after a booking is made.

Bookings can be made online at W M Waste Management Services or by calling 1800 969 278 between 8.00am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

No hard waste is to be placed on the kerbside prior to a booking being made. Upon booking, a collection date will be confirmed and hard waste can be placed on the kerbside on the weekend prior to the booked collection. 

The at call service replaced the hard waste vouchers previously issued with rates notices.  

Additional paid kerbside hard waste collection

Residential properties that receive our kerbside rubbish services can also book additional hard waste pick ups during the months of October to November and March to April for a fee.

Bookings and payments can be made prior to each hard waste collection at our Customer Service Centres in Warragul and Drouin or by calling Council on 5624 2411 during the following dates:

Booking and Payment   Collection Dates
7 to 25 Oct 2019 11 to 22 Nov 2019
10 to 27 Mar 2020 14 to 24 Apr 2020

Residents who have booked and paid for a hard waste collection must make sure that their hard waste is on their nature strip by the evening before the advised collection dates.

Do-it-yourself tip delivery

You can exchange your annual at call kerbside collection for free disposal of up to two cubic metres of hard waste at any Council operated transfer station.

Council operated transfer stations are located at Lardner, Trafalgar, Neerim South and Erica.

Disposals can be made in two ways:

  • One single disposal (up to two cubic metres)
  • Two separate disposals (up to one cubic metre each).

Any disposal which exceeds one cubic metre (e.g. 1.2 cubic metres) will be considered as one single disposal and any future disposals will incur the standard fees.  

A resident who chooses to exchange their kerbside collection for free hard waste disposal at a transfer station must register their address directly with W M Waste Management Services by calling 1800 969 278.

Bookings are required to be made at least one day prior to disposal to allow the transfer station operators to be notified, or by 4.00pm on Fridays for a weekend disposal. Disposal cannot be made on the same day as the booking. 

At the time of disposal, residents will be asked to provide photo identification which reflects the property address the booking was made under. Without photo identification with the listed address, disposals will not be accepted.

If you intend to dispose of hard waste on behalf of another person, please advise W M Waste Management Services and they will record this information on your booking to forward onto the transfer station operators.

No physical vouchers are issued during this process.

Disposal must occur in the same financial year that the booking was made. For example, loads booked in the previous financial year (2018/19) that are taken to the transfer station after 1 July 2019 will be counted as use of your 2019/2020 financial year free hard waste allocation.

Acceptable hard waste

  • Furniture and household applicances
  • Electronic equipment such as TVs and DVDs
  • Computers and monitors
  • Glass and china (securely wrapped and labelled)
  • Mattresses and bed bases (maximum of two)
  • Washing machines, stoves and fridges with doors removed
  • Scrap metal, car parts and lawn mowers
  • Branches and prunings (tied and separated from other materials) less than 1.5 metres in length
  • Timber (no longer than 1.5 metres and no more than 10 pieces)
  • Car tyres (standard - maximum of four) - SUV or 4-wheel drive tyres will not be accepted  
  • Paint tins (empty with lids removed)

Unacceptable hard waste

  • Building and renovation materials including cement sheeting, fencing, bricks, tiles and concrete
  • Household waste and recyclables
  • Dangerous goods including household chemicals and pesticides
  • Asbestos and other hazardous waste 
  • General garden waste (other than branches/prunings), soil or earth
  • Motor oils and engine blocks
  • Car batteries
  • Gas cylinders