Relief/Recovery Centres


Relief and Recovery Centres

An Emergency Relief Centre (ERC) is a temporary place situated away from the location of the emergency and is only opened if the decision to open an ERC is made by Victoria Police. It provides basic services and supports to affected individuals and families. An ERC is not a refuge or recovery centre, it is a place where affected individuals can go to:

  • get emergency information,
  • reconnect with their community,
  • register their details on Register Find Reunite, and
  • access relief support services to assist with their immediate needs.

An ERC can become very busy, and while staff working in the ERC are there to assist you and your family, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of any children in your care. There is no provision for animals at an ERC, an alternate location may be identified and opened to care for animals of affected people.

If an ERC is opened, it will be some time after the emergency has started. Notifications about the opening of an ERC will be available on the VicEmergency App or by tuning your radio to ABC 774AM, 828AM or 100.7FM

If you are relocating during an emergency you are encouraged to go to family and friends in a location well away from the emergency area.

Register Find Reunite (RFR)

Should you go to an Emergency Relief Centre or if you relocate to another location, you should take the time to register you and your family’s details on Australian Red Cross' Register Find Reunite (RFR). By registering on RFR your family and close friends will be able to find out basic information about your safety and whereabouts if they cannot contact you directly.

Recovery Centres

A recovery centre may be opened after a major emergency, depending on the severity of that emergency. A recovery centre is intended to be a one-stop-shop for support services and information regarding the emergency and is made available to affected people. 

Recovery centres are commonly used as a meeting place for the community to come together and support one another.