Council's Role in Emergencies


The Council appoints a Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee (MFMPC) that prepares the Municipal Emergency Management Plan, containing information about identified potential emergency risks and hazards within the municipality. The plan also contains general information about the prevention of preparedness for, response to and recovery from the impacts of the identified risks and hazards.

Under the Emergency Management Act 1986 and Emergency Management Act 2013, the Council must also appoint a Municipal Emergency Resource Officer (MERO) who is responsible for coordinating municipal resources during emergency response and recovery and a Municipal Recovery Manager (MRM) who supports the community in the relief and recovery from emergency activities.

Municipal Fire Prevention Officer

The Municipal Fire Prevention Officer (MFPO), is responsible for implementing the Municipal Fire Management Plan (MFMPC), and has the regulatory power to issue fire prevention notices, conduct property inspections and issue burn off permits to fire brigades and members of the public during the fire danger period. The MFPO is a member of the Baw Baw Municipal Fire Management Planning Committee (MFMPC) and is also an active member of the Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee (MEMPC).