The Municipal Animal Pound has Moved


As at Wednesday 11 October 2017, Baw Baw Shire's Municipal Animal Pound has relocated to 61 Princes Way, Longwarry North.

The previous site at Galloway Street in Warragul is now closed.

Works and Key Dates

Works to refurbish the Longwarry North site for use as Baw Baw Shire’s Municipal Animal Pound were planned in two stages.

Stage One Works

Stage One Works ensured that the Longwarry North site was compliant for use as a Municipal Animal Pound. These works included:

  • Work on existing dog enclosures.
  • Construction of 18 new cat enclosures.
  • Construction of dividing wall in the front administration area to prevent public access.
  • Construction of a cat adoption area.

Stage Two Works

Stage Two Works will involve expansion and enhancement work to ensure the facility will meet the growing needs of the Baw Baw Shire.

Additional works will include:

  • Installation of 22 new dog enclosures.
  • Construction of a new dog isolation area.
  • Installation of three new cat isolation enclosures.
  • Construction of a new dog exercise yard and security enhancements.
  • Installation of a new solar power system.

Stage Two Works is anticipated to be completed by December 2017, following an open tender process, at an estimated cost of $230,000.

Historical Background

The previous Municipal Animal Pound facilities at Galloway Street, Warragul were built in 1991. In the intervening years since its construction, our Shire has experienced significant growth. That growth has placed greater operational strain on our pound facilities.

In 2014, an audit conducted by the Bureau of Animal Welfare determined the Galloway Street facility as non-compliant with the Code of Practice for the Operation of Animal Pounds and Shelters. Council immediately implemented temporary measures to ensure the old facility was able to operate at minimum compliancy until a new facility was operational.

Why Longwarry North?

The site of Council’s newly opened Municipal Animal Pound in Longwarry North is a five acre property with a footprint that caters for domestic animal impounding as well as holding yards for livestock.

The site removes the need to lease additional land for these purposes, reducing operating costs. Additionally, the Longwarry North precinct presents a viable solution to meet future growth, even offering the potential to provide pound management services to neighbouring Councils.