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Council maintains a lost animal register to help owners find their pets and ensure their prompt return. Please note, this page is updated frequently, but if you do not see your pet make sure you contact Council on 5624 2411 to leave a lost report.

Click here to view all lost animals currently being held at the Municipal Animal Pound.

If you are looking to adopt a pet, please see animal adoptions information.

What to do if you have lost a pet

  • Contact Council and local vet clinics. Pets can be dropped off to vet clinics, or collected by a Council officer. Make sure you contact regularly until you find your pet, as you should not rely only on receiving a call back. Leave a lost report with as much detail as possible. Council can be called after hours on 5624 2411 and a lost report can be left – an officer will return your call during business hours.
  • Do a door knock. Make sure you look around the neighbourhood, but don’t forget to speak to neighbours, as they may have seen your pet or can keep an eye out for them. Sometimes scared cats will hide out in neighbour’s sheds or garages, so it’s important to ask people to check for you to make sure they are not hiding out.
  • Put up posters or do a mail box drop. Mail box drops are a good idea, in case no one is home when you do a door knock. Putting a photo of your pet on the poster will also help people identify your pet if they find it.
  • Check social media. There are many sites on social media, such as community or lost pet pages, that allow people to post about lost or found pets. Make sure you check frequently and make a post with a recent photo of your pet. If you do not have social media, ask someone who does to do this for you.
  • Update your details. The most important thing when reuniting an owner and pet is that their details are up to date. Make sure you update your pets microchip and Council registration when you change address, phone numbers or when you buy a new pet.

Keeping your details up to date

Every dog and cat is required to be microchipped by law, unless exempt. Councils, vet clinics and other similar agencies have access to microchip registries and can access your details should your pet be collected. It is important to make sure that your pet is microchipped in your name, to the correct address and with current contact numbers (you can also include your email address). If you are not sure what registry your pet’s microchip is listed on, visit petaddress.com.au and enter their microchip number into the search box.

Details can be found on microchip registry websites about how to update your pet’s microchip.

All dogs and cats over the age of 3 months are required to be registered with Council. For more information, visit our dogs or cats page.

What to do if you find a pet

If you find a stray dog (at any time), call 5624 2411 and an officer will arrange its collection. Council have access to many resources and offer the best chance at reuniting a pet with its owner. Council collects contained dogs 24 hours a day. Officers will not attend a wandering dog outside of business hours.

If you find a stray cat, please hire a cat cage from one of the Council Customer Service Centres. Council will not accept cats in personal cages and possum traps are strictly prohibited as they can cause injury to the cat. Once the cat is caught, please return the cat and cage to a Council Customer Service Centre.

If you have found your animal here please contact the Community Compliance team on 5624 2411. 

Lost Animals Register

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DSH, Black and White, 02 06 2020 - C632

Found on 02 June 2020

  • Council Reference Number : C632
  • Location Found : Princes Way, Longwarry North (orig found Poplar Close, Trafalgar)
  • Breed : DSH
  • Colour : Black and White
  • Sex : Female

Tagged as : Cat


Found on 02 June 2020

  • Council Reference Number : C631
  • Location Found : Longwarry Nth
  • Breed : DSH
  • Colour : Black and White
  • Sex : Male
  • Desexed : Yes
  • Microchip Number : 982000153742810
  • Additional Info : Kevin is a loving, older boy looking for his new home. Kevin is incredibly cuddly and will be a calm and gentle pet. Kevin is significantly overweight, it is unknown whether this is a result of overfeeding or an underlying health condition so Kevin is looking for a very dedicated home to give this boy the love and care he needs, as well as the discipline to help him lose some weight.
  • Available for Adoption : Yes

Tagged as : Cat

DSH, Black, 27 05 20 - C629

Found on 27 May 2020

  • Council Reference Number : C629
  • Location Found : Longwarry Nth (orig. Drouin South)
  • Breed : DSH
  • Colour : Black
  • Sex : Male

Tagged as : Cat

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