Baw Baw 2050

More than a year’s work by the community and Council went into producing a roadmap to the future called BawBaw 2050. Together we worked out where we were going, what we want Baw Baw to be like in 2050, and what we have to do to get there.

There are a number of complex issues facing our growing Baw Baw community that can’t be solved by any one person, group or organisation, but requires us to work together to achieve our preferred future.

The end vision of BawBaw 2050 is what the community wants for the future and it will be used to shape our community over the next 40 years. To see Council’s vision, go to Vision, Mission, Values.

The BawBaw 2050 project was lead by Council on behalf of our community, and was supported by the Victorian State Government’s Victorian Community Support Grant.

To view the BawBaw 2050 Community Vision online, go to the Related Information section on this page.

To view a hardcopy of the document, visit any of our Customer Service Centres.

For more information, email the Strategic Planning Department or call 5624 2411.