Amendment C143 - Drouin Central Business District

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The Baw Baw Shire Council has prepared Amendment C143 to the Baw Baw Planning Scheme. The land affected by the amendment is the Drouin central business district and community members are invited to provide feedback. 

What does the amendment do?

  • Amend Schedule 2 to the Design and Development Overlay to ensure consistency with the Drouin Township Plan 2020-2036 and Ministerial Direction - The Form and Content of Planning Schemes.
  • Amend Map 29DDO to include only the area identified in Map 1 of the amended schedule.
  • Add the document Drouin Township Plan 2020-2036 to the Schedule to Clause 72.08 Background Documents.

The town centre of Drouin is a social and economic hub for the township and beyond. It is important as a rural community to retain and enhance a viable central business district that supports local business and residents. The proposed updates to the DDO2 set out development guidelines to achieve a high standard for new and revitalised buildings within the town centre.

The guidelines set out requirements for:

  • Building heights and setbacks
  • Building form and design
  • Street facing shop fronts
  • Vehicle accessibility

This proposed amendment derives from the strategic document The Drouin Township Plan 2020-2036 (the Plan), adopted by Baw Baw Council 26 August 2020. It is considered an essential component in expanding the local economy and contributing to a vibrant community space.

The amended Schedule 2 to the Design and Development Overlay will replace the current schedule . It will impact new builds and significant renovations within the Drouin central business district costing more than $500,000*

*planning permit applications less than $500,000 fall under a VicSmart assessment process and this schedule does not apply.

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Amendment documents

You may inspect the amendment, any documents that support the amendment and the explanatory report about the amendment below, or inspect them in person, free of charge, at:

  • Drouin Civic Centre, 33 Young Street Drouin (access via Brynwood Avenue) during office hours; 

You can view the amendment documents below:


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