Consultation Closed - Warragul & Drouin PSP Review 2020

The current round of public consultation closed on 22 July 2020. Read on to learn more about the project and its next steps. 

The Warragul and Drouin Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs) are currently being reviewed to improve their efficiency to achieve intended orderly development outcomes.

Council has prepared the Draft Warragul and Drouin PSP Review Report outlining recommended changes required to the PSPs to improve implementation. Council sought Community feedback on the draft report and the recommended changes between 11 June and 22 July 2020.

It is anticipated further changes to the PSP Review report will be required following the conducted consultation, and the feedback received may be used as advocacy for further changes.

Key Documents

Further Background Information 

What is a PSP?

PSPs are higher-level masterplans for identified growth areas providing guidance for accommodating and managing growth. PSPs also inform long-term infrastructure investments and service provision required for the growing communities and neighbourhoods.

The strategic framework outlined in PSPs inform the planning provisions in local planning schemes and guides land use and development that will occur over a long period of time within the PSP areas.

PSPs also provide strategic direction for a range of aspects – including housing, township character, neighbourhood centres, biodiversity, natural systems, bushfire management, open space, community facilities, transport and movement and utility provision. 

Why are we reviewing the PSPs?

The purpose of the PSP review is to identify and document the issues and shortcomings of the current PSPs. The review provides recommendations for changes required to enhance the performance and efficiency of the PSPs to achieve the intended outcomes suitable for peri-urban areas like Warragul and Drouin. The review also identifies errors and anomalies within the PSPs that require correction.

The current Warragul and Drouin PSPs were prepared by the former Metropolitan Planning Authority (MPA) in consultation with Council, State agencies and other stakeholders. The PSPs and Amendment C108 to the Baw Baw Planning Scheme that introduced the Urban Growth Zone (UGZ) to the PSP areas were approved in October 2014.

Since 2014, development within the PSP areas have been occurring at a rapid rate. There are concerns from the development industry, some State agencies and planners of the difficulties using the current PSPs. Local communities are also concerned with the suburban-type developments that are occurring which compromise the unique rural character and natural environment of Baw Baw.

Given the rapid rate of growth already occurring and compromised outcomes in some areas, the need to review the PSPs has become necessary.

Council has committed to review and enhance the performance and efficiency of the PSPs to ensure orderly development outcomes that better align with current requirements and community sentiments.

What is not included in the review?

The review did not analyse the strategic directions within the PSPs nor the reasons for such directions including the appropriateness of the Urban Growth Zone and its footprint, which are considered to be non-negotiable and cannot be changed by Council.

Similarly, the review did not examine the Development Contributions Plans (DCPs) applied to the PSP areas, which are currently being reviewed separately. On completion of the DCP review, associated changes to the PSPs may also be required.