Have Your Say - Warragul and Drouin Design Guidelines

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  • Project schedulePhase 2 community consultation is open until 5pm 8 December 2021
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You spoke, we listened. Consultation extended and simplified.

Council is making it quicker and easier for residents to provide their feedback on the Draft Warragul and Drouin Design Guidelines. Throughout November and early December, residents will be able to provide feedback via Council's social media channels and a new survey. Stay tuned for more information and the new survey.

Council is developing guidelines that will define the preferred neighbourhood character of all residential land in Drouin and Warragul. 

The draft guidelines prepared by Tract Consultants aim to:

  • Identify the residential areas where the design guidelines can influence future housing outcomes.
  • Define the preferred neighbourhood character of key residential areas.
  • Provide design guidance to ensure new residential neighbourhoods are designed and developed to reflect the preferred local character, without compromising development capacity.
  • Encourage new multi dwelling residential development that respect the existing neighbourhood character and/or contributes to the preferred neighbourhood character of an area.
  • Provide detailed advice around preserving the natural environment and picturesque landscape that positively contribute to Warragul and Drouin’s valued rural character, supporting the ambitions of the Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs).
  • Provide recommendations to Council on the most effective implementation methods and tools.

Council is inviting community members to review the draft guidelines, and provide any thoughts, feedback, and suggestions they may have. This community consultation opportunity is now open until 5pm Wednesday 8 December 2021.

Click here to download the Draft Guidelines before you have your say(PDF, 16MB)

Consultation opportunities

Community members can complete the online, or hard copy, survey at any time before 5pm Thursday 4 November 2021.

Hard copy submissions can be sent via email to Strategic.Planning@bawbawshire.vic.gov.au or by mail to Baw Baw Shire Council, PO Box 304, Warragul 3820.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions in place, the two community drop-in sessions that were planned will no longer be able to go ahead. Instead, we have organised two online sessions.

The online sessions will be held via Zoom, where you will be able to participate and speak with our consultants to find out more information about the Draft Guidelines and ask any questions you may have.

To attend either of the online sessions, please click the appropriate Zoom link below:


Council recently adopted a review of the Baw Baw Shire Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs), and as part of this review identified the need for guidelines that would define the preferred neighbourhood character of residential growth areas. The scope of these guidelines has been expanded to include all general residential land in Warragul and Drouin. 

Council is inviting community members to review the draft guidelines, and provide any thoughts, feedback, and suggestions they may have.

About the Guidelines - Part B: Design Guidelines for New Communities

The Guidelines are broken into two sections. A downloadable fact sheet and a breakdown of the key are of Part B can be found below:

Design Guidelines for New Communities

The Design Guidelines have been prepared to ensure a more considered approach to the development of Warragul and Drouin’s future residential areas. They aim to build on the identified valued characteristics of Warragul and Drouin by embedding these elements in the design of future residential neighbourhoods. 

The Guidelines provide clear direction around how to achieve site specific design outcomes that complement Warragul and Drouin’s valued local character without compromising the development capacity of the Urban Growth Zone. Part B of the Guidelines covers the following:

Interface Guidelines - Page 38

The Interface Guidelines identify a range of interface possibilities, where new development may occur next to existing low density areas, farm land or an identified town gateway. The Guidelines outline how development should respond in each scenario to prevent any adverse effects to the visual amenity of these areas. 

Slope Response Guidelines - Page 42

The Warragul and Drouin Growth Areas are characterised by a range of landscape conditions including undulating hills, ridge lines, creek gullies and flat areas. To ensure new development complements the natural features and conditions of the region, the guidelines provide design suggestions to help alleviate the visual impact of residential development on sloping land.
These guidelines are focused on the earlier stages of development, and each defined slope category includes specific recommendations relating to earthworks and retaining walls, lot sizes, street layouts, building and landscape design and property access.

Public Realm Guidelines - Page 54

The Public Realm Guidelines identify aspects of residential developments and opportunities that can contribute to the visual appeal of a new development and maintain the rural character of the Shire while providing accessible and functional spaces for the community. This section of the Guidelines contains recommendations regarding vegetation retention and street design.

Neighbourhood Identity Guidelines - Page 60

The Neighbourhood Identity Guidelines provide specific guidance for lot and building design, landscaping and fencing to assist in creating neighbourhood identities that respond to the desired rural character of Baw Baw Shire.


PSP Precincts

Section details specific gateway design considerations for future development in the growth areas, and identifies the relevant sections of the guidelines that apply to each precinct. The PSP precincts are:

1: Drouin - North-West Precinct. Page 66

2: Drouin - Gardner and Holman Precinct. Page 69

3: Drouin - South East Precint. Page 72

4: Drouin - Buln Buln Precinct. Page 75

5: Warragul - North-West Precinct. Page 77

6: Warragul - North-East Precinct. Page 80

7: Warragul - South-West Precinct. Page 82

8: Warragul - South-East Precinct. Page 85

About the Guidelines: Part C - Design Guidelines for Infill Residential Development

The Guidelines are broken into two sections. A downloadable fact sheet and a breakdown of the key areas of Part C can be found below:

Design Guidelines for Infill Residential Development  

These Guidelines are proposed to apply to land in the General Residential Zone (GRZ) in Drouin and Warragul. Guidance is provided in relation to achieving best practice design outcomes for infill development, which is the development of more than one dwelling(house) on a lot. The likely types of housing that would be delivered in this zone are dual occupancy where the second dwelling is located at the rear of an existing dwelling, townhouses or units.


Covering areas such as site layout, building design, and landscaping, Part C provides overarching guidance on achieving best practice design outcomes for infill residential development. Part C also includes preferred character statements of significant character areas identified in Drouin and Warragul.


Site Layout - Page 92

To ensure that new infill development compliments the existing residential pattern and character of the street, building siting and orientation considerations are incorporated into the Guidelines to maintain key view corridors, vistas and retain established trees. Slope response and vehicle access to the dwelling are included in this section of the Guidelines.

Building Design - Page 96

This section covers street interface, building form, building materials, roof design and site services. It sets out to ensure that the built form of new dwellings appropriately engages with the existing street, provides a sense of place and respects the preferred neighbourhood character of the area. 

Landscaping - Page 101

To ensure new developments provide generous landscape responses that enhance the streetscape while maintaining existing character, considerations are given to the retention of existing mature trees, front and side garden character, the size and location of retaining walls and boundary fencing. 

Significant Character Areas

Council undertook strategic work in 2011 to assess pre 1970 residential development in Drouin and Warragul as part of the Baw Baw Heritage Study. The purpose of the work was to identify residential areas that would benefit from further planning controls to ensure new development responds to existing neighbourhood character. The Design Guidelines build on the outcomes of the 2011 study and determine that five of the nine areas that were previously identified still have specific neighbourhood character. They are:
  • Albert Road, Drouin, the section between the Princes Highway and Victoria Street - page 106
  • Alford Street, Warragul, the section between Victoria Street and Hope Street - page 109
  • Bowen Street, Warragul, the section between Albert Road and Clifford Street - page 109
  • Windsor Avenue, Warragul - page 109
  • Church Street, Warragul - page 109
This section contains the preferred character statements for each of the above areas, and how each can be achieved. 


Tell us your feedback

Before you complete the in-depth survey below, please make sure you have reviewed the Draft Warragul and Drouin Design Guidelines . If you just want to let us know your thoughts on residential development, you can take our short 5 minute survey here. 

Have your say by downloading this hard copy survey(PDF, 959KB), using the online form or by clicking the link below.

Click here to take have your say

Project phases - what's involved?

Phase 1 - Closed

In March and April 2021, we asked you "how do you want our neighbourhoods to look in the future?" to begin the groundwork for the Draft Warragul and Drouin Preferred Neighbourhood Design Guidelines.

Phase 2 - Now open

Community consultation (closes 8 December 2021)

During phase two, Council is collecting feedback from community members and developers about the draft guidelines. All feedback received will be considered and taken into account during the development of the final document before it is presented to Council for adoption.

Consultation opportunities in phase one include:

  • Two drop in sessions hosted by external consultants. 
  • A consultant facilitated developers workshop.
  • Online and hard copy community surveys.

Phase 3 - Late 2021

Adoption of final guidelines 

Following phase one, all feedback will be collated by Council Officers and Tract Consultants and used to refine the guidelines before they are presented to Council for adoption.

Phase 4 - Late 2021

Preparation of a planning scheme amendment

Following the adoption of the final Guidelines, a planning scheme amendment will be prepared to formalise and implement the Warragul and Drouin Design Guidelines as part of the Baw Baw Planning Scheme.

What happens next?

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. Your thoughts and ideas are highly valued and will ultimately form part of Council's decision making.

Council Officers and Tract Consultants will consolidate comments and feedback and consider all submissions to assist in making further recommendations to Council.

Once the final guidelines are adopted by Council, a planning scheme amendment will be prepared to formalise, and implement the guidelines. 

Contact us

We're here to help! For more information about this project, please contact Council's Strategic Planning team by email or by phone on 1300 229 229.