Consultation Closed - Environmental Sustainability Strategy

  • Project typeCommunity Consultation
  • Project schedulePhase 1 – Consultation closed 5pm Friday 15 October 2021
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Council is currently undertaking a review of its Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2018 - 2022 to develop a new strategy that will guide Council’s environmental sustainability work over the next four to five years. 

Environmental management and sustainability are extremely varied and diverse areas, that are managed by a range of different stakeholders. Council plays a vital role in directly managing the environment within the municipality. It is also responsible for ensuring that the services and operations that it delivers are as sustainable as possible. However, Council can only directly control or strongly influence matters of the environment and sustainability that sit under its key service and management responsibilities.

Council's environmental responsibilities

Environmental areas that are the responsibility of Council include:

  • Management of Council-owned urban spaces, trees, parks, gardens and natural reserves.
  • Assessment and implementation of environmental planning controls under the Victorian Planning Provisions.
  • Waste management services including, waste and recycling.
  • Monitoring electricity use and generation of greenhouse gas emissions through the provision of community street lighting, Council owned buildings and offices, as well as vehicle and machinery fleet.
  • Managing the risk of climate change on its operations and services.

Council's partners in environmental management

Where Council is not responsible for the management of an environmental area, Council can partner and work with other organisations and government authorities. These include:

Department of Environment Land, Water and Planning (DEWLP): Who manage aspects of climate change, energy, environment, water, forests, planning and emergency management.

Parks Victoria: Who manage regional, state and national parks in Victoria.

Environment Protection Authority: Who prevent and reduce the harmful effects of pollution and waste on Victorians and their environment.

Sustainability Victoria: Who deliver programs on integrated waste management and resource efficiency to the state of Victoria.

Catchment Management Authorities: Who manage the health of land and water in the catchment region by promoting sustainable and productive land use practices.

Transport Including, VicRoads, Regional Roads Victoria, Public Transport Victoria (PTV) and VLine: who own and manage a range of different transport infrastructure and can have responsibilities of managing biodiversity, threats to plants and animals, landscapes and noxious weeds in areas that are under their control.  

Water authorities: Including, Gippsland Water and South East Water that exist to provide high quality water and manage waste water

Prior to revising the Environmental Sustainability Strategy and developing a draft, Council asked the community about the environmental management and sustainability themes you believe Council should be focusing on when developing a new Strategy.  

This consultation opportunity closed 5pm Friday 15 October 2021

Project phases - what's involved?

Phase 1 – Initial consultation (now closed)

As we undertake the review of the Environmental Sustainability Strategy, we asked what key themes the community would like to see incorporated into the new Strategy, which will guide Council's environmental sustainability work the next four to five years.

Phase 2 - Draft Strategy Consultation (February 2022)

Following phase one, all community feedback will be collated by Council Officers and considered as the new Draft Strategy is created. This draft will be presented to Council, and the community, for another round of consultation in early 2022.

During phase two, the community will have the opportunity to provide their final thoughts, ideas, and suggestions on the Environmental Sustainability Strategy before it is presented to Council for adoption in mid 2022.

Phase 3 - Adopt Environmental Sustainability Strategy (Mid 2022)

Once the final round of consultation closes, Council Officers will again collate the feedback provided by the community, and make any required amendments to the Draft Strategy before it is presented to Council for adoption. 

What happens next?

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. Your thoughts and ideas are highly valued and will ultimately form part of Council’s decision making.

Council Officers will consolidate comments and feedback and consider all submissions to assist in making further recommendations to Council. 

Contact us

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