Consultation Closed - Help shape the future of Yarragon

  • Project typeCommunity Consultation
  • Project scheduleStage Two Consultation closed at 5pm on Sunday 19 February 2023

The Yarragon Township Plan will provide a long-term strategic vision for Yarragon. The Plan considers land uses, township character, connectivity, natural environment and the public realm. The Plan is accompanied by an Urban Design Framework  to guide development in the town centre, acknowledging the established ‘village’ feel. 

The Yarragon Township Plan and accompanying Urban Design Framework provide a clear planning direction that make recommendations for guidance on decision making about investments, infrastructure improvements and development proposals.  

Baw Baw Shire Council appointed SMEC Consultants to prepare the Yarragon Township Plan.

Based on feedback from the community during stage one consultation about the importance of the enhancing the character of the town centre area, the scope of the Urban Design Framework component of the project became more detailed and is now a separate document accompanying the Yarragon Township Plan. 

Baw Baw Shire Council engaged Blom Design to prepare the Urban Design Framework.

Once completed, the Plan will also be used as a basis for formal changes to the Baw Baw Planning Scheme, through revised planning controls.

Tell us your thoughts

To ensure the draft Yarragon Township Plan and draft Urban Design Framework meets the expectations of our community, Council invited feedback on the draft documents.

This community consultation opportunity closed on 5pm Sunday, 19 February 2023 

Phase one consultation

During phase one consultation, which ran from 15 November to 15 December 2022, we held a pop up session and meetings with community groups, including at the Yarragon Craft and Produce Market where we received 39 comments.

During this phase 122 submissions were received either in writing or via the online survey.

The data provided through these activities has directly shaped the Draft Yarragon Township Plan and Urban Design Framework.

Project phases

The Yarragon Township Plan and Urban Design Framework will involve the following stages:

Stage 1 - Inception, gap analysis and initial collection of community thoughts and ideas. (complete)

Initial collection of community thoughts and ideas to help develop the draft Yarragon Township Plan. 

Stage 2 - Collate feedback received and prepare a background report. (complete)

Council officers and SMEC have collated your feedback from stage one and prepared a background report and Draft Yarragon Township Plan.

Stage 3 - Prepare the draft plan and present to the community for feedback. (complete)

SMEC have prepared the Draft Yarragon Township Plan for presentation to the community for feedback. Stage three consultation on the Draft Plan and Urban Design Framework is open from Monday, 14 November 2022 to Sunday, 19 February 2023.

Stage 4 - Revise draft plan after considering the feedback received (Aug-Oct 2023)

Once the draft Plan has been presented to the community, we'll gather your thoughts and feedback and make any required changes to the document before it's presented to Council for consideration.

Stage 5 - Adoption of the Final Documents (late 2023)

Once your feedback has been collated and any required changes are made, the final Yarragon Township Plan and Urban Design Framework will be presented to Council for consideration.

What happens next?

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. Your thoughts and ideas are highly valued and will ultimately form part of Council’s decision making process.

Council Officers will consolidate comments and feedback and consider all submissions to assist in making further recommendations to Council.

Contact us

Have questions? We’re here to help! For more information about the Yarragon Township Plan and Urban Design Framework, or would like to be placed on the correspondence list, please contact the Strategic Planning Department on 1300 229 229 or email