Consultation Closed - Sporting Reserve Draft Concept Masterplans

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  • Project scheduleConsultation closed at 5pm Thursday 7 October 2021.
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As part of its commitment to developing communal spaces, Council recognises that the projected sporting needs of the community cannot be accommodated by existing sporting facilities due to the increasing population in Drouin and Warragul. 
The Precinct Structure Plans 
identify five sites set aside for future sporting reserves across the two towns.
The masterplans provide direction for the use of the spaces and facilities that are required at each of the sporting reserves.

This consultation opportunity closed at 5pm on Thursday 7 October 2021.


In 2014, Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs) were prepared for Drouin and Warragul which set out the growth areas, along with important infrastructure to support the increased population. 

In addition to new roads, paths, open space, community centres, schools, retail and industrial precincts, the PSPs identified five sites set aside for future sporting reserves across the two towns. These sporting reserves must be developed in accordance with a masterplan adopted by or prepared to the satisfaction of Council.

A demographic review has been undertaken for a 20-year timeframe to 2041, along with a sports demand analysis and literature review for 22 of the main sports that are played within Baw Baw Shire along with other key documents.

The sports demand analysis assumes all existing sporting facilities will continue to be available and that adopted recreation masterplans will continue to be implemented. The draft masterplans reflect the projected sporting needs that cannot be accommodated at existing sites due to population growth. 

Project Summary

The draft concept masterplans portray the spaces and facilities that are anticipated to be required at each of the sporting reserves.

The five sites include:


  • McGlone Sporting Reserve: A 6.30ha site located between McGlone Road and a waterway.
  • Weebar Sporting Reserve: An 11.10ha site located at the intersection of Dyall and Weebar Roads.


  • Dollarburn Sporting Reserve: An 8.75ha site co-located with a potential government primary school and community centre alongside a waterway.
  • Lillico Sporting Reserve: A 12.17ha site located adjacent to the Lillico volcanic land formation (hill top).
  • Spring Creek Sporting Reserve*: A 6.75ha site located adjacent to a waterway.

*Please note that whilst concepts have been prepared for the Spring Creek Sporting Reserve, some preliminary site constraints have also been identified. Council is considering the options available before proceeding with community consultation on this site.

This consultation opportunity closed at 5pm on Thursday 7 October 2021.

What happens next?

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. Your thoughts and ideas are highly valued and will ultimately form part of Council’s decision making.

Council Officers will consolidate comments and feedback and consider all submissions to assist in making further recommendations to Council. It is hoped the final documents will be adopted by Council in December 2021.

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