Consultation Closed - Governance Rules

  • Project typeCommunity Consultation
  • Project scheduleThis consultation opportunity closed at 5pm, Friday 19 August 2022

Project Summary

Changes to the Local Government Act 2020 take effect on 2 September 2022. These changes required Council's Governance Rules to make provisions for Councillors to attend Council Meetings virtually. 

The requirement to review the Governance Rules presented Council with an opportunity to reconsider how Council Meetings can be conducted.

Several proposed additions and amendments were presented for community consideration in the draft Governance Rules, including allowing members of the public to participate remotely.

Prior to further consideration by Council, the community was invited to share their thoughts on the draft Governance Rules. Feedback collated from the community through this process will be collated and presented to Council.

This consultation opportunity closed at 5pm, Friday 19 August 2022. 
The Governance Rules were adopted by Council on Wednesday 14 September 2022.


The Governance Rules support Baw Baw Shire Council in ensuring good governance and decision making, in the best interests of the public.

These Rules make clear the procedures of Council Meetings, for the Mayor and Councillors, staff of Baw Baw Shire, and members of the community wishing to participate in this process. Council must adopt and keep in force Governance Rules under Section 60 of the Local Government Act 2020 (the Act). 

This policy ensures that the management of Council business is in accordance with the Act and meets the Act’s principles of:

  • Ensuring Council decisions and actions are taken in accordance with the relevant law;
  • Achieving the best outcomes for the municipal community;
  • Engaging the municipal community in strategic planning and strategic decision making; and
  • Ensuring public transparency.

Key changes from the current Governance Rules

Several proposed additions and amendments were presented for consideration, including:

  • Allowing members of the public to participate virtually.
  • Provisions to allow Councillors to attend virtually.
  • Adding time frames for responses to General Business and Notice of Motions.
  • The Chief Executive Officer, at the request of the Chair, may clarify a statement made by a Councillor during the course of debate.
  • Changes to the election of Mayor and Deputy Mayor. 

Project Phases - What's involved?

Phase 1 – Initial consultation (Closed 19 August 2022)

Between 29 July and 19 August, 2022 community members were invited to have their say on Council’s draft Governance Rules. 

Phase 2 – Consultation feedback presentation to Council (September 2022)

Following Phase 1 consultation the feedback collated from the community was presented to Council for further deliberation. Council adopted the reviewed Governance Rules on Wednesday 14 September 2022.

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