Adopted - Economic Land Use Strategy

  • Project typeCommunity Consultation
  • Project scheduleCouncil adopted the Economic Land Use Strategy on 26 July 2023
The Baw Baw Economic Land Use Strategy will help guide future commercial and industrial land uses across the Shire as the Shire's population grows.
The Strategy will contribute to the strengthening of Baw Baw's economic relationship to the region and Melbourne while the Shire’s attractiveness as a residential, tourism and enterprise destination continues to flourish.

Council invited community members, particularly local business owners, to share their views on the draft strategy and how it might enhanced and strengthened, before it was presented back to Council for consideration.

The Economic Land Use Strategy was adopted by Council on Wednesday 26 July 2023. 

Click here to download the strategy(PDF, 13MB)

Economic Land Use Strategy Objectives

The five leading objectives identified in the Strategy which are implemented through a set of initiatives are:

Objective 1:  Ensure population growth supports local economic growth, diversification and opportunity via the implementation of a series of economic land use initiatives.

Objective 2:  Facilitate the provision of new industrial land supply and floor space to support industry growth, employment opportunity and diversification.

Objective 3:  Facilitate the development of new commercial floor space to support the needs of a growing population.

Objective 4:  Deliver the Longwarry Business Park as an inter-regional economic node.

Objective 5:  Develop a long-term vision for the Warragul Health and Services Precinct at the Princes Way, Princes Freeway junction.

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