Consultation Closed - Creative Communities Strategy

  • Project typeCommunity Consultation
  • Project scheduleCommunity consultation is closed on Monday 12 June 2023

The Draft Creative Communities Strategy 2023-2029 supports a creative, connected future for Baw Baw Shire.

Through the Creative Communities Strategy, Council aims to create better communities, places where stories are shared and inspiration is found. 

The role of Local Government in cultural development is setting the vision and implementation of planning and policy, which identify and aim to address the needs of the community.

These needs may be addressed through relevant strategies such as facilitation, advocacy and promotion, services, facility development, and program management identified through consultation with the community. 

Goals of the Draft Strategy

Our new strategy aims to:  

  • Deliver on Baw Baw Shire Council’s commitment to the contribution to the arts to support a healthy, thriving, and sustainable community.  

  • Inspire and motivate Baw Baw’s community to build on our region’s strengths and assets to increase the connection, resilience, well-being, and cultural vitality of our communities. 

  • Celebrate our community’s cultural strengths and assets, and the people at the centre of them. 

  • Deliver a clear framework that supports Government, industry, and community to work together to deliver Baw Baw Shire Council’s strategic direction to support vibrant, creative communities. 


Opportunities for feedback

To ensure the Draft Strategy will support the creation and development of laughter, memories, connection, joy and colour in the lives of all residents, community members were invited to share their thoughts and ideas with us.

Please note that community consultation closed on Monday 12, June.

What’s involved in the consultation process

Through community engagement we aim to obtain feedback from the community and their local needs, knowledge, and experience to make informed decisions for the future of Baw Baw Shire.  

While all community members were invited to participate in the consultation process, direct requests for feedback also occurred with key stakeholder groups such as the Arts and Culture Advisory Committee, relevant community organisations, and Government Agencies.  

Consultation will occur between Monday 15 May to Monday 12 June 2023  

Phase 1 – Initial consultation  – 15 May to 12 June 2023 (now closed)

Phase 2 - Reviewing feedback - July 2023

We will review your feedback and report back to you on what we heard. Your feedback will inform the development of the Strategy 

Phase 3 – Consultation feedback presentation to Council - August 2023

What happens next?

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. Your thoughts and ideas are highly valued and will ultimately form part of Council’s decision making. 

Council Officers will consolidate comments and feedback and consider all submissions to assist in making further recommendations to Council. 

Contact us

We’re here to help! For more information about this project, please contact Council’s Arts and Culture team on 1300 229 229 or by email at