Placemaking projects for Aberfeldy, Longwarry North, Modella & Seaview

Published on 17 September 2020


Community-led placemaking projects will be delivered in Aberfeldy, Longwarry North, Modella and Seaview following Council’s endorsement of the 2020/21 Placemaking Program.

The Placemaking Program allocates $200,000 annually ($50,000 in each town) to smaller rural communities to deliver projects that are at the top of the community’s wish list.

Projects are the direct result of consultation and collaboration with communities to improve liveability, contribute to health, happiness and well-being, and visitor attraction to the towns.

Community members from each town will be invited to participate in two consultation sessions to gather project ideas in December 2020 and January 2021. The delivery method of the sessions will be dependant on the current COVID-19 restrictions and will be tailored to meet the needs of each community.

Following the first consultation session, an online and hard copy survey will be opened to establish the community’s preferred project based on viable suggestions and ideas. Results will be presented to Council for final review at a future meeting.

Council will continue to engage with each community throughout the delivery phase of each project.

Each project will be funded through Council’s 2020/21 Capital Works Program.

The Placemaking Program was introduced by Council as part of the 2017-2021 Council Plan, with a range of projects delivered across rural and remote communities in Baw Baw Shire over the past two years.

For more information about the Placemaking Program, please visit:

Quotes attributable to Mayor Cr Danny Goss

“The Placemaking Program has enabled our communities to work together to select projects that will make a difference. From new playgrounds and outdoor fitness equipment to a cricket pitch and goal posts, the program offers the opportunity to bring all parts of the community together to improve their town.”

Quotes attributable to Deputy Mayor and East Ward Cr Peter Kostos

“This program has created some great results so far. There are many smaller communities across the Shire that are eligible for the program, and I encourage them to speak to Council about being considered for inclusion in future rounds.”

Quotes attributable to West Ward Cr Keith Cook

“The Placemaking Program gives our community the chance to choose a project that they need. We have seen the impact that it has had over the past two years, helping to add value to our smaller towns and localities, and I’m looking forward to seeing what will be delivered next.”

Quotes attributable to East Ward Cr Michael Leaney

“The Placemaking Program is a fabulous initiative that delivers important projects to rural and remote communities that don’t often receive large amounts of infrastructure funding. This is an opportunity for people to participate and be reminded that all towns are a valued part of the Shire, regardless of their size, location or population.”

Quotes attributable to West Ward Cr Tricia Jones

I’m excited to see the next round of the Placemaking Program getting underway. The objective of the program is to encourage community members to consider the projects that they think will add that little special something to their town.”

Quotes attributable to West Ward Cr Jessica O’Donnell

“I’m looking forward to seeing what will be achieved as part of the project, particularly for the Modella community who are geographically divided between Baw Baw and Cardinia Shire. This program offers people the chance to work together to select a project that ultimately will help to build a sense of identity for their community.”

Quotes attributable to East Ward Cr Darren Wallace

“The Placemaking Program has delivered community-led projects across both the East and West Wards of Baw Baw Shire over the past two years. As a Councillor, it’s been a great opportunity to work closely with our community as they deliberate and prioritise the projects that will add value to their town.”

Quotes attributable to Central Ward Cr Mikaela Power

“This success of this program is a credit to each of the towns who have participated so far, demonstrating to Council that our communities can make good decisions on their behalf about the things that matter to them. It’s been fantastic to see each project go from being an idea or suggestion into a reality.” 


Image: A new playground space was one of two projects delivered in Athlone as part of Council’s Placemaking Program in 2018/19. 


Image: Street beautification works were undertaken in Erica as part of Council’s Placemaking Program in 2018/19. 



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