Increasing transparency with new open community briefings

Published on 13 February 2020


Baw Baw Shire Council will trial monthly open community briefings to increase transparency and engagement with the community on matters of strategic and community importance.  

Traditionally, briefings are held regularly to ensure that Councillors are well informed and in the best possible position to debate matters effectively at Council meetings.

Through the trial, Council will welcome the community into a monthly briefing on one report presented by a Council Officer. Interested residents are encouraged to join Councillors at the session, ask questions and provide input on the topic being presented.

The trial will commence from 11 March until mid-September, which marks the beginning of the 2020 Council election period.

The trial aims to increase community understanding of, and confidence in, the Council decision making process.

The format for each open community briefing will be determined by the Mayor and CEO.

The trial will not change the existing format of Council meetings. Community members can still utilise ‘Community Participation Time’ at Council meetings to make further submissions on agenda items. Minor amendments will be made to the Community Participation Time Policy to accommodate the trial.

Quotes attributable to Mayor Cr Danny Goss

“Over the last few years, Council has significantly reduced the number of matters discussed in closed Council meetings - these are now a rare occurrence. By introducing monthly open community briefings, we hope to further increase transparency with our governance processes and improve community engagement on important matters.”


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