Gippsland’s Local Government Waste Forum

Published on 26 July 2019


This media release has been shared on behalf of Resource Recovery Gippsland.

Valuing waste as a resource and focusing on resource recovery is vital to sustainability and makes sense for Gippsland.

These priorities not only bring with them environmental and social benefits but are key to the region moving toward a circular economy.

Supporting the region in this journey is the Gippsland Local Government Waste Forum. The Forum is a conduit through which local government can inform and advise state government agencies on waste and resource recovery matters, issues and priorities that are important to Gippsland.

Following the Forum’s July meeting, chair Cr Dale Harriman (Latrobe City Council) said, “Managing waste and resource recovery is complex and requires insight, innovation and collaboration. This is where the Forum plays a critical role in ensuring that clear and open communication between local government and Resource Recovery Gippsland results in strong advocacy for Gippsland at a state government level.”

Collectively, Gippsland generates around 485,500 tonnes of waste per year, which is approximately 3.8% of Victoria’s total waste. 135,000 tonnes of this is collected from households, business and building sectors and sent to landfill each year.

According to Matthew Peake, executive officer with Resource Recovery Gippsland, in a climate of heightened awareness, action and change, the opportunity for Gippsland to take the initiative and the Forum’s contribution to this has never been greater. 

“The resource recovery sector is experiencing a time of great challenge and opportunity and Gippsland is well positioned to capitalise, adapt and innovate with the support of established groups like the Forum. 

“The coming-together of representatives from all six councils ensures good debate and consideration of the issues and prospects facing Gippsland; it provides a platform for shared ideas, regional planning, effectiveness and advocacy in support of liveable communities, business growth and enhanced amenity.”  

Among the key items for examination at the Forum’s July meeting were the Parliamentary Inquiry into Recycling and Waste Management, the state-wide ban of e-waste to landfill, the issues paper Shifting Victoria to a Circular Economy, the development of a Regional Litter and Illegal Dumping Action Plan, and the joint procurement project Gippswide Kerbside. 

Cr Harriman (Latrobe City Council) concluded, “With so much happening in the resource recovery sector, the work of the Gippsland Local Government Waste Forum will help inform state government about the opportunities or impacts affecting local government to continue to deliver essential waste and resource recovery services to our communities.”

For further information or comment, please contact:

Matthew Peake - Executive Officer
Resource Recovery Gippsland
Phone: 03 5633 2744

Additional information

Resource Recovery Gippsland is one of Victoria’s seven waste and resource recovery groups and works with local councils, state government, industry and business, communities and schools to support the region’s journey in maximising resources and minimising waste.

The Environment Protection Act 1970 establishes a Local Government Waste Forum to support the effective operation of Resource Recovery Gippsland. Each Gippsland council nominates a Councillor as a Representative to the Forum. West Ward Cr Tricia Jones is the representative for Baw Baw Shire Council. In addition, a council may nominate a senior staff member as an Advisory Member to the Forum.

Forum objectives

  1. Develop the capacity of local government to deliver effective, efficient and sustainable waste and resource recovery planning and management across the region.
  2. Assist Resource Recovery Gippsland, Department of Environment Land Water and Planning and other environment portfolio partners to engage with the six Gippsland councils in the planning and management of waste.
  3. Nominate four members to the Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water for appointment to Resource Recovery Gippsland’s Board of Directors, in accordance with the EP Act.


Image: Representatives from all six Gippsland councils and Resource Recovery Gippsland at the quarterly Gippsland Local Government Waste Forum.

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