Cutting red tape with online pre-application planning service

Published on 31 October 2019

Accessing pre-application planning advice is now quicker and easier than ever with a new online booking system.

The pre-application planning support service helps cut red tape and streamline the permit application process. Customers can connect directly with planning officers before an application is lodged to provide a faster process with greater certainty from start to end.

The service is available in two ways - either a free 45-minute face-to-face meeting with a planning officer or via written advice at a cost of $90.

While the service has been available for some time now, the quick and easy online booking system is new.

Through the service, customers can access support including:

  • Planning advice about a proposal including whether a planning permit is required.
  • Opportunity to make changes to an application in line with Council’s requirements before lodgement.
  • Formal registration process on Councils records to streamline a planning permit application once submitted, based on the advice provided.

Free pre-application meeting

All customers are welcome to book a free 45-minute preliminary meeting with a planning officer to seek verbal advice about a proposal.

Customers can check availability and schedule an appointment online via this link. Once a booking is made a confirmation email will be sent including details about the meeting and a link to submit important information to ensure quality advice:

  • Written summary about the proposal/enquiry.
  • Proposed development plans (if prepared).
  • Current Certificate of Title, Plan of Subdivision and any restrictions that may be registered on the Title (i.e. Covenant/Section 173 Agreement). A Title can be obtained at

Advice will be limited if the above information is not submitted before the meeting.

Written planning advice request

For customers unable to attend a face-to-face meeting, or those who prefer a paper trail, the same advice can be sought in writing at a cost of $90. Written planning advice is generally received within 10 business days after a request is lodged.

To apply for written advice, customers can complete a registration form available for download on Council’s website.

For more information about the new pre-application service, go to

Quotes attributable to Mayor Cr Mikaela Power

“We’re committed to improving service delivery across the board including planning permit applications and assessments. Anyone who is looking to lodge an application with Council is encouraged to jump online and book in a free meeting or seek planning advice in writing. The pre-application service cuts red tape and connects customers with planning officers early on in the process to ensure the right information is provided, saving time going back and forth later on.”

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