Community recommends parking solutions for Warragul

Published on 11 September 2020


The Warragul Parking Study Community Panel report was endorsed by Council at its meeting on Wednesday, presenting a range of options to improve parking in the town centre.

In July, 30 community members were independently recruited to the panel and spent three in-depth sessions working together to identify short-term and long-term solutions to parking.

The panel considered all available background information about parking in Warragul’s CBD, including community survey findings and reports. This included over 550 community surveys responses from the Have Your Say process held earlier. The panel’s main aim was to work through the nine recommendations proposed by traffic engineering consultants in the 2018 Warragul Parking Study.

The panel deliberated over which recommendations in the study were the most viable, and what specific conditions would need to be considered. Out the nine options, seven were supported including:

  • Revising the existing car parking restrictions, including the removal of permit parking.
  • Implementing a “cash in lieu” scheme for developments in the CBD.
  • Expanding the current parking overlay.
  • Implementing a community bus service.
  • Improving walking and cycling networks on Gladstone Street and Mason Street.
  • Installing improved wayfinding signage.
  • Implementation of parking enforcement.

The majority of the panel did not support the option of building a multi-deck carpark, as they determined that Council had higher priority community projects to deliver and that this option did not provide value for money, given the estimated cost of $25 million.

The option to introduce paid parking did not receive support from the panel, with preference given to increased parking enforcement.Council endorsed the installation of new wayfinding signage, parking restriction changes and walking and cycling improvements in the 2020/21 financial year as part of Council’s Capital Works Program.

Council will refer the other supported recommendations to the next budget process for the 2021/22 financial year.

The community panel was the fifth and final stage of community engagement for the Warragul Parking Study, with initial consultation via a survey beginning in February 2020.

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Quotes attributable to Mayor Cr Danny Goss

“We all acknowledge that parking in Warragul is a big issue for our community that can’t be resolved overnight. I’d like to thank the panel members for the huge amount of work they put into this process to develop practical and achievable recommendations that will help Council to improve the situation.”

Quotes attributable to Deputy Mayor Cr Peter Kostos

“I’d like to congratulate each member of the panel for their open-minded and thorough approach to reviewing the recommendations from the 2018 Warragul Parking Study. The seven actions presented to Council were well-considered and I hope to see them implemented in the future.”

Quotes attributable to Cr Mikaela Power

“The community panel members gave up their weekends to deliberate and debate ways to address the parking situation in Warragul. They’ve brought forward a solid set of recommendations for Council to implement over the coming years that will make a difference as our community continues to grow.”

Quotes attributable to Cr Jessica O’Donnell

“By working with the panel, Council was able to collaborate in a meaningful way with the community to address a longstanding issue. I’d like to thank the community members who worked with Council staff and facilitators to debate ideas and find solutions to address Warragul’s parking challenges.”



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