Community guides placemaking projects across the Shire

Published on 12 March 2021


Council has endorsed plans for community-led placemaking projects in Aberfeldy, Longwarry North, Modella and Seaview.

Council’s Placemaking Program allocates $200,000 annually ($50,000 in each town) to smaller rural communities to deliver projects that are at the top of the community’s wish list.

Projects are the direct result of consultation and collaboration with communities to improve liveability, contribute to health, happiness and wellbeing, and visitor attraction to the towns.

The projects were developed in consultation with community members from each town across two workshops.

At the first consultation session, the community identified a list of potential projects.  Council then worked with each group to refine their ideas and create a shortlist of projects that met the Placemaking Program criteria. The preferred project for each of the communities was then identified via a community wide survey.

The final projects include:


Construction of a toilet block at 33 High Street, Aberfeldy. 

Longwarry North

Footpath extension to the Princes Way walking track from the existing walking track at Thornell’s Reserve.


Improvements to the tennis court, car parking upgrades and removal of the existing shed at the Modella Recreation Reserve.


New barbeque facilities at the Seaview Hall, and if budget allows, new outdoor lights and a cooktop at the hall.

Council will continue to engage with each community throughout the delivery phase of each project.

Each project will be funded through Council’s 2020/21 Capital Works Program.

The Placemaking Program was introduced by Council as part of the 2017-2021 Council Plan, with a range of projects delivered across rural and remote communities in Baw Baw Shire over the past two years.

More information about the Placemaking Program can be found on the Council website.

Quotes attributable to Mayor Cr Danny Goss

“Council’s Placemaking Program is continuing to deliver great outcomes for our rural and remote towns and localities. It’s been fantastic to see the level of interest from each of the communities and the breadth of ideas that have been put on the table.”

Quotes attributable to Deputy Mayor Cr Michael Leaney

“The intent of the Placemaking Program is to provide our small and remote communities with the opportunity to enhance their local area. They work together to decide on how to make best use of $50,000 in funding from Council. In the case of Aberfeldy, the shire’s most remote town, the new toilet facilities will provide crucial tourism infrastructure and support this active and passionate community.”

Quotes attributable to West Ward Cr Ben Lucas

“This project gives smaller communities a $50,000 budget and the opportunity to give us some guidance and direction about what they want. It was a pleasure to go out to Longwarry North and Modella and hear directly from residents about how they’d like to improve their patch of the world. I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to be part of the process and I look forward to seeing the projects progress.”

Quotes attributable to West Ward Cr Tricia Jones

“This is the third year of the Placemaking Project being in existence and it continues to deliver a diverse range of projects that reflect the needs of each community. The latest set of projects for Modella, Longwarry North and Seaview will improve community assets, increase liveability and enhance visitor attraction.”

Quotes attributable to East Ward Cr Peter Kostos

“It was fantastic to see the broad range of ideas that were uncovered in this round of the Placemaking Program. I’d especially like to acknowledge the Seaview community for their high levels of interest throughout the decision-making process and their pragmatic approach to improving a shared community facility.”

Quotes attributable to East Ward Cr Darren Wallace

“This is a great program that puts the community at the heart of the decision-making process to decide on a project that will enhance their town or locality. I look forward to seeing this program continue and offer more communities across our Shire with the opportunity to make their ideas a reality.” 


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