Baw Baw's Blackberry Blitz

Published on 22 December 2020

Baw Baw Shire Council will spray more than 440 kilometres of local roadsides for noxious blackberry weeds this season.

Council contractors will spray 446 kilometres of Council-managed roadsides between December and April 2021 thanks to a $49,359 grant from the Victorian Government’s Roadside Weeds and Pest Program. 

Blackberry is a highly invasive weed that spreads rapidly. It is an environmental threat, crowding out native vegetation, and has significant agricultural and economic impacts.

The majority of the selected roadsides have been targeted for follow-up control from the 2017-18 roadside weed control program. This targeted approach results in a larger area being treated annually, using less chemical.

Ragwort will also be controlled along roadsides in the hill areas.

Roadsides to be targeted this year include, but are not limited to:

 Narracan and Allambee region:

Falls Rd, Lilleys Rd and Allambee Sth Rd;

Hallora, Athlone and Modella region:

Invermay Rd East, Lang Lang Park Rd and Allen Rd;

Longwarry and Longwarry Nth:

Box Rd, Cook Rd, Corduroy Rd, Martin Rd, Thornell Rd, Sand Rd, Wiltshire Rd, Morrisons Rd and Princes Way;

Labertouche region:

Alcorn Rd, Drayton Rd, Fishers Rd, Labertouche Nth Rd, McDonald Track, School Rd, Middleton Rd, Tonkin Rd, Valley View Rd;

Yarragon, Darnum and Trafalgar:

Darnum Park Rd, Stuhrs Rd, Darnum-Allambee Rd, Giles Rd, Sunny Creek Connection Rd, Sunnyburn Rd, Williamsons Rd, Araluen Rd, Yulungah Rd, Andersons Rd, Cummings Rd, Embletons Rd, Nine Mile Rd, Ten  Mile Rd, Gibson Bros Rd, Roches Rd, Wiktor Rd,Goodings Rd andTelephone Rd;

Willow Grove, Fumina and Tanjil:

Duggan Nth Rd, Ashdown Rd, Blue Rock Rd, Cheesemans Rd, Grays Rd, Hasthorpe Rd, Ortons Rd, Knights Rd, Laidlaws Rd, Ranch Rd, Tanjil River Rd, Staff Rd, Thalloo Rd and Hunter Rd;

Jindivick, Neerim Sth and Noojee:

Rokeby Jindivick Rd, Palmer Rd, McIntyre Rd, Jacksons Track, Wattle Lane, Cowden Rd, Wagners Rd, Toorongo Valley Rd and Old Noojee Rd;


Lardners Track, Pharoahs Rd, Dollarburn Rd and Landsborough Rd;

Seaview and Mountain View:

Warragul Leongatha Rd, Mountain View Rd and McDonalds Track; and


Telbit Rd, Rusks Rd, Beasleys Rd, Mathiesons Rd, Old Coach Rd, Old Traralgon Rd, Old Walhalla Rd and Thomson Dam Access Rd.

Additional roads may be added if there is a concern, depending on funding availability.

Want to know more? Contact Council on 1300 229 229.

Quotes attributable to Mayor Cr Danny Goss:

“Council’s annual weed control program has seen a great reduction in the number of invasive weeds growing on our roadsides. We’ve got to keep on top of blackberry; it’s a fast-growing weed that damages pastures and our natural environment, is expensive for individual property owners to manage, and can even be a fire hazard. 

"It’s also a timely reminder that residents should never pick blackberries from the roadsides – enjoy responsibly farmed ones from our markets, greengrocers and supermarkets.” 

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