Adopted policy provides greater clarity during election periods

Published on 14 September 2023

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Baw Baw Shire Council has adopted a revised Election Period Policy that provides better clarity on Councillor code of conduct and Council governance during the local government election period.   

In preparation for the October 2024 Council elections, Council has undertaken a review of the existing Policy and made several changes to rules and wording that aim to provide better clarity and improve the Policy’s overall effectiveness. Community feedback was sought on these changes during a public consultation period between Friday 28 July and Friday 18 August 2023.  

Following community input, the adopted Election Period Policy has incorporated several minor changes, including:  

  • Additional wording under ‘Council Meetings During an Election Period’ relating to Public Question Time, General Business and Notice of Motions.   
  • Detailed advice about the use of digital assets for a candidate, including a Councillor standing for re-election. 
  • Clarifying wording relating to Council events to ensure that only events essential to the operations of Council are held during the Election Period 
  • Addition of ‘setting advocacy positions’ under the list of decisions which Council considers should not be made during an Election Period. 
  • A new section to provide clarity about what happens if a Councillor stands as a candidate in a State or Federal election. 

“The Election Period Policy ensures that Council continues to operate in a responsible and transparent manner during local government elections,” says Mayor of Baw Baw Shire, Annemarie McCabe. 

“This review incorporates minor changes to the wording of certain clauses and includes some new sections in accordance with statutory requirements to provide candidates, Council staff and the community with a better understanding of what they can and cannot do during this time”.  

“I’d like to thank our community for their feedback on these revisions during the consultation phase and for helping inform these important Policy updates.”  

The next Council election will be held in October 2024, with the election period coming into effect 32 days prior. 

The Election Period Policy was adopted at the Council meeting on Wednesday 13 September and is included within Council's Governance Rules, available to view at A-Z Policies and Documents

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