Aged and Disability Services


Arranging home care

For home care or domestic assistance, an assessment is required by a skilled Council assessment officer who is sensitive to the varying needs of people requiring assistance. The officer conducting the assessment will provide relevant information, advice and assistance about services provided by the Council and by other community organisations in the Baw Baw Shire area. The assessment officer will refer you to the agreed and appropriate services including other agencies as appropriate.

Services that are offered

Domestic Assistance

This service provides basic support in maintaining the home. Tasks may include vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom and toilet and changing bedding. This is not a permanent arrangement and may be reduced or increased if your circumstances change. Service recipients are expected to carry out as many tasks as they are physically able. This service is only available to support the absolute necessities.

Personal Care

Trained support workers are available to assist frail older people and people with a disability with tasks of showering, dressing, grooming and toileting.

Respite Care

For the carers of frail older people or people with a disability who cannot be left alone, a support worker can stay with that person and provide the necessary care while you take a break. This service is not available for carers to attend paid work.

Home Maintenance Service

This is a service provided to eligible people to support with tasks in and around the home, focussing on access and safety. This service includes changing light globes and smoke detector batteries, and installing handrails and ramps if requested by an occupational therapist and general cyclic gardening tasks. Please note that home maintenance staff are unable to undertake tasks that require the skills of a qualified trades person such as an electrician or plumber.

Home Care and services eligibility

Generally anyone on a pension is eligible for an assessment. An assessment is not a guarantee that services will be offered or implemented. For home care you must demonstrate that you are physically incapable of undertaking specific tasks. We may even request an Occupational Therapist assess you to determine your abilities.

Meals On Wheels

Meals on Wheels offers a three course lunch-time meal, delivered to your home by volunteers. Recipients have a variety of meals and desserts available to them each day.

Assistance with transport

We run a medical transport service for eligible people unable to use existing transport services. There is a petrol donation required to assist volunteer drivers. The community bus is available to all eligible people where clients are picked up and dropped off at their homes to go shopping in a group.