Asset Management


A broad range of community assets are owned, controlled or managed by Council with an outcome of delivering services to the community.

It is our responsibility to manage these assets to the optimal standard that we can reasonably afford within our financial, social and environmental constraints. Thus asset management is an important issue for Council as it provides the means by which we can effectively manage our community assets for the present and future community.

We currently own community assets with a replacement value in excess of $550 million. This represents a significant investment and we allocate in our annual budget each year an equitable and sustainable amount to the operation, maintenance and capital works meeting the levels of service that these assets deliver to the community.

We embrace a corporate service and asset management culture and practices to manage these community assets.

Our asset portfolio comprises:

  • Roads (including paths, kerb and channel, street furniture, bridges and culverts).
  • Drainage (including pipes, pits and environmental structures).
  • Property (including buildings and land).
  • Parks (including playground equipment).
  • Recreation facilities (including netball courts, tennis courts and BMX tracks).
  • Plant (including fleet, light equipment and heavy machinery).
  • Information Technology (including communication systems and computers).