Live Streaming Council Meetings


Meetings from March 25 2020

On March 25 2020, Council changed to use a new live stream system. 

From March 25 2020 the live stream and video recordings of Council meetings are available in the table below.

Access video recordings

The Most Recent Events table contains the video recording. Click in the media column to access the recording. 

Viewers can go straight to an agenda item without having to watch the entire meeting.

Access Live Stream

The Current and Upcoming events table contains future Council meetings.

Once the Council meeting has commenced a LIVE indicator will appear in the table. To access the live stream of the meeting simply click the meeting title (name) and the stream will open in a separate window.

Meetings held prior to March 25 2020 

Click here to view archived recordings.

Please note: Due to a technical error, no recording of the Council meeting on Wednesday 12 February 2020 is available. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.