COVID-19 Update

Due to COVID-19 and the stage three restrictions set in place by State and Federal Government, Council Meetings will be closed to members of the public for a period of six weeks.

Submissions can be made electronically using the webform below and will be read out by Council Officers in the meeting on behalf of community members.

How to make a submission

Council will accept written submissions on any agenda item using the online form below. Written submissions are to be received by 5.00pm on the Tuesday before the Council Meeting. Submissions can be made using the online form below.

Please note: 

  • Submissions will be read out by officers in the meeting.
  • Any submission longer than three minutes will only be read for three minutes and the full submission will be included in the minutes.
  • Only one submission on behalf of a community group will be accepted. Members are welcome to lodge submissions of their own.
  • When multiple submissions are received on the same agenda item, Council will collate and read out similar themes rather than each individual submission.
  • Templated submissions will only be read once and each submission will be included in the minutes

Community Members may also contact Council on 5624 2411 and officers will transcribe a submission. Submissions will be limited to 500 words.

About Council Submissions

A submission is either a written or verbal statement outlining concerns, objections or support for a particular item being considered.

There are formal submissions, which must be made in writing and  are published through public notices and on our website. These are:

  • Matters prescribed under Section 223 of the Act; and
  • Planning applications or proposed planning scheme amendment submissions.

Council also allows verbal submissions at a Council meeting on any officer report listed on the agenda. Exceptions to this include matters that were heard through a formal submission process where Council has heard the submissions at a Special Council meeting.

Members of the community wishing to address the meeting or an officer report listed, must register on the form provided in the foyer outside the Council Chambers, prior to commencement of the meeting. No unregistered community member will be allowed to speak. The form is made available from 5.00pm in the foyer and is handed to the mayor just prior to the meeting.

Council records the names of those who speak to an item in the minutes of the meeting. The information collected on the form is used solely for this purpose.

Where appropriate, Council will call a special meeting to hear submissions made under Section 223 of the Act or on planning applications or proposed planning scheme amendments prior to the formal decision process.

The purpose of a special meeting is to allow community members to speak on the key points of their submission in order to assist understanding and consideration by Council.

Where a special meeting has been called, Council confirms the right for all submissions to be heard at this meeting, rather than at a subsequent Council meeting where the item is listed on the agenda for decision, unless legislative provisions require Council to do so. This is to ensure that appropriate consideration has been given to these matters prior to the formal decision process.

Where a Special meeting to hear submissions has not been called, Council will provide the opportunity for these submissions to be heard at the Council meeting where the item is on the agenda.

Submitters must speak only on the matters contained within their submission and given up to 3 minutes to speak.

Councillors are given the opportunity to seek clarification directly with the submitter in order to be fully informed prior to considering that item but there is no debate with submitters.

Council is required to maintain a register of section 223 submissions and planning objections/submissions. Community members need to be aware that these registers will be available to other community members and should write their submission as a public document.