Attendance for Submissions

Community members wishing to attend a Council Meeting will be required to register their attendance.

Numbers are capped at 40 (not including Councillors or Staff) so booking is essential.

Click here to register to attend a Council Meeting. 

Registrations will be checked at the door prior to admission of the Council Meeting to assist Council with any contact tracing.

How to make a submission

Community members must register prior to the commencement of the Council Meeting to speak on an agenda item, and arrival time of 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the meeting is recommended.

Community members are also invited to lodge electronic or written submissions on any agenda item using the online form below. Written submissions are to be received 48 hours prior to the Council Meeting. Submissions are limited to 400 words.

Please note: 

Written submissions will be provided to all Councillors in advance of the Council meeting, and published in the Minutes of the Council meeting, but will not be read out unless the Chair elects to do so.

Written and electronic submissions must not exceed more than 3 minutes when read out loud, or 400 words.

Submitters cannot speak on behalf of another person or group unless they have in writing, or the express permission of that person or group.

Where a group, association, organisation or any other entity intends to make a submission, only one submission can be received on behalf of the group.

Submitters who elect to speak on more than one item listed on the Agenda of a Council meeting may, at the discretion of the Chair be given 5 minutes to speak on all items but may still submit separate written submissions.

The Chair may direct a submitter who is defamatory, indecent, abusive, offensive, irrelevant, trivial or objectionable in language or substance; to cease their submission.

Council will provide the opportunity for submissions to be heard under Section 223 of the Local Government At 1989, and where appropriate, Council will call a Council meeting to hear submissions made under Section 223 of the Local Government Act 1989 or on planning applications or proposed planning scheme amendments prior to the formal decision process.

Submissions to Council are made pursuant to the laws of the State of Victoria and they do not enjoy parliamentary privilege.

Community Members may also contact Council on 5624 2411 and officers will transcribe a submission. Submissions will be limited to 400 words.

For more information please refer to Council’s Governance Rules.(PDF, 412KB)