Council Meeting COVID-19 Protocols

Baw Baw Shire Council have reopened Council Meetings to members of the public. 

  • A COVID Marshal will be there to assist with QR Code check-in and sight proof of vaccination.
  • As of publication date (November 2021), the CHO’s directive is that all patrons visiting the West Gippsland Arts Centre must show proof of double-vaccination.

Bookings are encouraged. To book your attendance for an upcoming Council Meeting, click HERE.

Petition Information

A petition or joint letter must:

  • Be in legible and permanent writing or typed;
  • Not be defamatory, indecent, abusive or objectionable in language or content; and
  • Not relate to matters beyond the powers of Council.

About Petitions:

  • Every petition to Council must be in writing (other than pencil), typed, printed, or provided via the means of an online form on the Baw Baw Shire website. The petition must contain the request of the petitioners or signatories and be signed by more than 12 people.
  • The Minutes will capture the name of the Councillor presenting the petition.
  • Petitions must relate to Council Business and not be the responsibility of another authority or body.
  • Every petition must be signed by the persons whose names are appended to it by their names or marks, and, except in cases of incapacity or sickness, by no one else and the address of every petitioner or signatory must be clearly stated.
  • Any signature appearing on a page which does not bear the text of the whole of the petition or request may not be considered by Council.
  • A petition may nominate a person to whom a reply may be sent, but if no person is nominated Council may reply to the first or any person whose signature appears on the petition.
  • Where the petition relates to a current planning or subdivision application, the petition will be considered as an objection in accordance with the Planning and Environment Act 1987 and will not be tabled at Council as a separate matter.
  • Every page of a petition must be a single page of paper and not be posted, stapled, pinned or otherwise affixed or attached to any piece of paper other than another page of the petition.
  • All petitions received by Councillors and/or Council Officers must be lodged with the Chief Executive Officer for tabling no later than 5.00pm the day prior to the meeting. All petitions received after this deadline will be held over for tabling at the next Ordinary meeting.

In accordance with the Governance Rules(PDF, 375KB), Councillors will be able to table a petition at a Council meeting on behalf of community members. You can contact one of your ward councillors to arrange to hand over the petition or submit it directly to the organisation.

Any petition that does not meet the prescribed criteria as set out in the Governance Rules(PDF, 375KB) will not be tabled, and therefore, not considered at a future meeting of Council.

Council must resolve at the meeting where it is tabled, to receive the petition and to refer the matter for a report or appropriate action as required.

Alternatively, the Council may choose to resolve to take action on the subject matter that is contained in the petition if it believes that the matter is urgent and cannot reasonably wait until a full report has been prepared on the matter.

The petition statement and the number of signatories will be published in the meeting minutes. Personal details of signatories will not be published in the minutes.

Depending on the complexity of the issue, most petitions are considered within four Council Meetings of being tabled or presented to the Chief Executive Officer.

Petition Forms

Council will only accept electronic petitions generated by the webform below.

Petitions can be created and signed using this form and the web link can be circulated to other signatories.

All online petitions will be sent to the Governance Team to review and ensure it aligns with the Governance Rules before being approved.

Approved petitions will remain on Council’s website for collection of signatories until the time specified by the lead petitioner.

Active petitions

 Lodge a new petition