How Council Meetings Work


Updated Information for Council Meetings

From the commencement of the election period on 22 September until Council resumes for the new term, there will be no community participation time at Council Meetings as specified in the Election Period Policy within Baw Baw Shire's Governance Rules(PDF, 412KB).

This includes Questions on Notice and Public Submissions. Petitions will be managed in accordance with the Governance Rules and the Local Government Act 2020.

Under section 66 of the Local Government Act 2020 (the Act), Council Meetings must remain open to the public unless the Council considers it necessary to close the meeting to the public because of a specified circumstance such as:

  • The meeting is to consider confidential information; or
  • Security reasons; or
  • It is necessary to do so to enable the meeting to proceed in an orderly manner.

The live streaming of Council Meetings can be accessed via the Agendas and Minutes page of Council’s website.

A Statutory Council meeting is the annual meeting of the Council held for the purpose of:

  • Swearing in of Councillors elected at general or by elections of the Council; and/or
  • Electing a Mayor in accordance with Section 25 of the Act or any Deputy Mayor; and/or
  • Appointing Councillors on committees.

An urgent or emergency meeting can be initiated under the following circumstances:

  • A natural disaster within the municipality; or
  • The death, serious injury or the like of any Councillor or Senior Officer or other significant person, which would affect the normal operation of the Council, the organisation or the community and cannot wait until the next scheduled meeting of the Council.