How Council Meetings Work


A Special meeting is when Council holds a meeting for specific matters that is convened and held in accordance with Section 84 of the Local Government Act 1989 (Act). A Special Council meeting can only consider the items that are listed in the public notice.

A Statutory Council meeting is the annual meeting of the Council held for the purpose of:

  • Swearing in of Councillors elected at general or by elections of the Council; and/or
  • Fixing any allowance in accordance with Section 74 of the Act; and/or
  • Electing a Mayor in accordance with Section 71 of the Act or any Deputy Mayor; and/or
  • Appointing Councillors on committees.

An urgent or emergency meeting can be initiated under the following circumstances:

  • A natural disaster within the municipality; or
  • The death, serious injury or the like of any Councillor or Senior Officer or other significant person, which would affect the normal operation of the Council, the organisation or the community and cannot wait until the next scheduled meeting of the Council.