Sporting Precincts


Recreation is the lifeblood of the Baw Baw Shire with sporting clubs connecting families and communities.

Within the shire, there are numerous clubs and facilities including football, cricket, netball, tennis, soccer, hockey and basketball, to name a few. These sports are enjoyed in a combination of organised competitions school settings by school groups.

Situation Analysis

Within our shire, soccer is one of the fastest growing sports. The home of soccer in Warragul is Baxter Park, an outdoor pitch which struggles to maintain firm footing in the winter months. Installing a synthetic pitch at Baxter Park would allow all year round play and enhance participation and skill development.

In Trafalgar, the playing surface is in good condition. However, the change facilities are of a very poor standard. Participants are forced to change in a very small, temporary building in conditions that aren’t suitable for player development or equity.

Burke Street in Warragul is the netballing headquarters of the shire with ten courts regularly used for completion and school sport. The courts, however, are ageing and in urgent need of an upgrade. Enabling some of the courts with the capacity to be used for tennis would maximise their use.

Many of the sporting change rooms in our shire were built some time ago with the player amenities catering for male use only. In order to eliminate this inequity and enable use for all, we have developed a program of facilities requiring an upgrade to become ‘female friendly’.

The lighting at many of the ovals, fields and courts at reserves in our shire offer very poor lighting coverage. Council needs to upgrade lighting at these reserves to a level of 100 lux to enable an acceptable standard.

Oval surfaces at ovals throughout the shire are of a poor time. Over time, the wet winters and dry summers of Gippsland have rendered some ovals near unplayable in either season.

What is Needed?

Funding to enable the delivery of these important recreation infrastructure projects.


  • Baxter Synthetic Pitch - $2–3m
  • Trafalgar Recreation Reserve Multi-Use Pavilion - $3m
  • Burke Street Netball and Tennis Precinct - $5m
  • Female Friendly Upgrades - $5m
  • Lighting Upgrade Projects - $1.5m
  • Playing Surface Upgrade - $4m