Longwarry Rezoning


The town of Longwarry lies on the western border of the shire and has a population of over two thousand people. To the north of the town centre runs the Princes Highway, the main arterial route to central Melbourne.

Situation Analysis

The land along the Princes Highway in Longwarry is currently zoned as farming. The area on the inbound to Melbourne side of the road has been strategically identified as a possible site for developing an industrial precinct, with it’s ease of access onto the Princes Highway. The land on the opposing side of the highway could benefit similarly from a rezoning to industrial.

Such a precinct would have the potential to attract large scale operations establishing a regional base. This would lead to the creation of many jobs in our shire, attract new residents with the lure of employment and provide economic benefits throughout the region.

What is Needed?

The State Government to rezone land in Longwarry to industrial.