Female Friendly Facilities


Many of the sporting change rooms in our shire were built some time ago with the player amenities catering predominantly for male use only. In order to eliminate this inequity and enable use for all, we have developed a program of facilities requiring an upgrade to provide appropriate, dedicated facilities that are female friendly.

Situation Analysis

Across our shire, participation and interest in sport by women is at an all time high. Sports that have been traditionally male dominated including football, soccer and cricket are now being enjoyed by all sexes. Unfortunately, many change room facilities at our sporting facilities do not cater adequately for all genders, with open showers, toilets and no enclosed change areas being the norm. There have been instances of female participants having to change in cars and not being able to shower after a game.

Over the past few years, Baw Baw Shire has made it a priority to upgrade change rooms shire-wide and to date has undertaken projects in this regard at some venues. Additionally, all new sporting facilities are designed in keeping with Universal Design principles to cater for all users.

However, within the shire there are numerous venues where change facilities are in need of new or upgraded female change facilitates. By providing female friendly facilities, access to sport will be more inclusive leading to an increase in participation and removing barriers to entry.

What is Needed?

Government investment to deliver female friendly facilities at the venues below.


  • Trafalgar Recreation Reserve Pavilion: $3m
  • Bellbird Park Pavilion: $3m
  • Western Park Pavilion: $1–1.5m
  • Neerim South Recreation Reserve Pavilion: $1– 1.5m
  • Jindivick Recreation Reserve Pavilion: $500k