Bus Connectivity


Bus services in Baw Baw are limited and do not meet minimum service standards.

The recognised safety net minimum service level (MSL) is the availability of public transport service within 400 metres of residents, at :

  • Weekday frequency of at least one hour from 6am to 9pm
  • Saturdays at least hourly from 8am to 9pm
  • Sundays at least hourly from 9am to 9pm.

Situation Analysis

The Warragul and Drouin precinct structure plans will create approximately 20,000 new homes and it is vital that this growth is supported with adequate public transport. A 2009 Victorian Parliamentary noted that the early provision of infrastructure is a critical factor in the long-term study success of new communities.

Bus services are also critical for outlying rural townships who rely on the bus to access Railway Stations, shopping, services, leisure activities and employment in larger town centres.

In 2021 Baw Baw will be home to 10,941 residents aged 65 and over. It is highly desirable that residents in this age group have the choice of using public transport.

It is recognised that a lack of frequent bus services increases car dependence, pollution and congestion, which impacts the entire community.

BusVic proposes that minimum weekday service levels in regional Victoria should be at a 30-minute frequency to encourage a ‘turn up and go’ transport paradigm.

What is Needed?

Investment in bus service delivery to the safety net MSL and efficient timetabling to ensure that bus services link with rail services.

Improved bus services to key nodes, like Federation University in Churchill.


BusVic estimates a state-wide investment of $300 million per annum is needed to meet minimum service level objectives.