Food Safety

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The Food Act 1984 regulates the sale of food (and beverages) for human consumption.


Under the Food Act, most businesses operating in Victoria cannot sell food to the public unless they register as a food business with their local council. A small number of businesses (such as those selling low risk foods, eg. prepackaged lollies, prepackaged beverages etc.)  do not need to formally register with their council; however they are still required to notify council of their intended food business activities.


Before starting up, all food businesses must contact Council for information on their registration requirements and charges, their food business class (1, 2, 3 or 4), and whether they are required to have a food safety program.

Please contact us on telephone 03 5624 2541 or by email

Street Stalls, Festivals and Fetes

To ensure food offered for sale at street stalls, festivals and fetes is fit for human consumption, every person who prepares, packages and stores food needs to read Council’s guidelines.

Packaged Food Labelling

Detailed labelling requirement for packaged food.

Mobile Food Vans

Detailed information on how to register a mobile food van.

Honey Production and Sales

Details on requirements for Honey Production and Sales

Class 4 Food Business Requirements

Details on requirements for Class 4 Food Businesses.

Class 3 Food Business Requirements

Requirements fo a Class 3 Food Business

Class 2 Food Business Requirements

Requirements of a Class 2 Food Business

Class 1 Food Business Requirements

Requirements of a Class 1 Food Business

Food Business Classification and Definitions

Describes how Food Businesses are now classifed and explains definitions.

Domestic Kitchens - food sales guidelines

Requirements to operate and register a Domestic Kitchen.

Cleanliness and Food Hygiene

Guidelines regarding food hygiene.