Vacant Land Slashing

Vacant land can often be a fire hazard, particularly if your land has long dry grass, flammable materials, old tyres, cardboard or timber on site. Whilst everything at present is green and looks harmless, now is the time to commence your preparation for the summer period by removing any potential fire hazards, as soon conditions will start to dry out. By removing the hazard now and maintaining your land during the summer period (December to March) you can reduce grass growth on your land and improve the safety and amenity of our community.

Council officers undertake inspections of land in late November. Any land found to pose a potential fire hazard as described above will be issued a Fire Prevention Notice. A Fire Prevention Notice is issued by Council under the Country Fire Authority Act 1958 and states that landowners must comply with the direction given on the notice. Failure to comply incurs a fine of $1,447 as set by the Department of Justice. Failure to comply also results in Council hiring contractors to perform the work, with costs passed on to land owners.