Fire Hazard Inspection Program 2017/18

In accordance with Section 41 of the Country Fire Authority Act 1958, Council has a duty to take all practicable steps to prevent the occurrence of fires and minimise the danger of the spread of fires on any land vested in it or under its control or management.

This is done through the issuing of Fire Prevention Notices (FPN) which can request landowners or occupiers to remove or modify vegetation or other combustible materials on their land. Properties within a township/built-up fuel buffer area will be subject to a fire hazard inspection by a Municipal Fire Prevention Officer. Affected property owners will be notified by mail.

Illustrative map using Yarragon township as an example. Outer zones highlighted in green and brown to indicate buffer regions subject to inspection. Inner zones are highlighted purple to indicate homes which may be subject to radiant heat from bushfires.

Picture 1: Township/Built-up fuel buffer area with targeted properties (Yarragon example)

Fuel buffer areas are where ground fuels are kept to a minimum so that fire spread and intensity are reduced should a bushfire spread close to homes.  

In the example photo above, the homes that may be subject to radiant heat from a bushfire are highlighted in purple.  All adjoining properties highlighted in green and brown will be inspected to ensure an adequate fuel buffer is maintained. This can be done by slashing grass and weeds, removing undergrowth, fallen branches and tree cuttings.  These works must be maintained throughout the declared Fire Danger Period.

Fire Hazard Inspections start in November 2017

If your property is not prepared for the fire season by the time of fire hazard inspections, all individual owners of your property will be issued a Fire Prevention Notice. The Fire Prevention Notice will outline the works required. If the directions are not followed, each individual owner will be issued a Fire Prevention Infringement. Council may also arrange for the forced fire hazard clearing works to be completed at your cost.

If you live elsewhere, please make plans to visit your property to carry out your annual fire prevention maintenance.  If you are unable, other options are to call upon your family, friends, a neighbour or local contractor for assistance to complete the work on your behalf.  If you engage a contractor, ensure that the work is completed to your satisfaction – requesting before and after photos is good practice.

For more information, please contact the Municipal Fire Prevention Officer during office hours on 5624 2411.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.