Warragul Outdoor Recreation Plan Review Extended Text Description


The Warragul Outdoor Recreation Plan was developed to provide a policy position and clear direction for the provision of outdoor recreation facilities (excluding swimming pools) for Warragul to the year 2030. 

The Plan was received by Council on 10 September 2008.

During 2013/2014, Council requested a review of recreation masterplans. Councillors undertook consultation with affected sporting groups and committees of management and a draft review document was released for public consultation in September 2014.

The Warragul Outdoor Recreation Plan received 39 submissions during the consultation phase. This feedback, including priorities has been reviewed and used to inform this final review document.  

This document shows original masterplans for each site and where relevant also contains the updated masterplan so that a comparison can be made on the changes. The full version of the original Warragul Outdoor Recreation Plan can be viewed on Council’s website.

The plan focuses on sporting facilities and associated infrastructure located at the following recreation precincts in Warragul:

  • Brooker Park
  • Burke Street Recreation Park
  • Eastern Park
  • Logan Park
  • Western Park

Facilities Plan

Eastern Park

Master Plan Review Summary

A significant number of recommendations have been implemented since 2008 including:

  • Formalising and sealing two car parks,
  • Construction of a new pavilion,
  • New playground,
  • Levelling an area used as informal bike jumps,
  • Extension of the walking trail and

A connection between the park and community services area on Normanby Street.

Burke Street Recreation Precinct

Master Plan Review Summary

Since 2008, the following progress has been made on the Plan:

  • The bowling greens have been converted to synthetic and one green is floodlit,
  • A new pavilion including change rooms has been built at Marist Sion College adjoining the oval,
  • Council has completed detailed designs for the tennis/ netball courts and multi-use pavilion,
  • A design for a new off-road car park on the eastern side of Anderson Street has also been prepared along with a traffic and parking study for Burke Street,
  • The surface in the center of Geoff Watt Track is being used as a multi-use space,
  • Funding has been received for the Warragul Leisure Centre redevelopment.    

Whilst the masterplan remains unchanged, feedback received has included:

  • There are two standard size croquet greens.
  • The Bowling Club has identified toilet facilities at the other end of the bowling rinks as a club priority.
  • Little Athletics have requested that when the treated pine barrier around the Geoff Watt Track is replaced, that a flat top bollard is used so that it can double as seating and they also noted that storm water remains an issue.

The Wild Dog Triathlon Club has flagged that transport of equipment could be an issue and this will need to be considered as part of the multi-use pavilion and Warragul Leisure Centre redevelopment.

Logan Park Recreation Precinct

Master Plan Review Summary

Since 2008, Council has purchased land at Lardner for a municipal equestrian facility, with the intent that the Warragul Pony Club will relocate to this site.

The Hazel Creek Waterway Management Plan was commissioned by the West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority and jointly funded by Baw Baw Shire in 2011.

Whilst a feasibility study including hydrology modelling was completed for this site along with a functional layout diagram for soccer, no provision for soccer has been made in the update as the Club wishes to pursue a new green-field site.

In 2014, the Warragul Urban Drainage Strategy Update was prepared to support the Warragul Precinct Structure Plan, which was adopted by Council on 6 August 2014. This strategy identifies a wetland location in Logan Park.

An original version of the masterplan, a functional layout completed for soccer in 2011 and the amended versions of the masterplan follow.

Brooker Park Recreation Precinct

Master Plan Review Summary

Whilst there has been no update to the Master Plan for Brooker Park, the following changes have been noted since 2008:

  • The new oval originally proposed by St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School was abandoned and this area has been used to develop two new courts and an open space area.
  • St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School has built an indoor court facility.

Western Park Recreation Precinct

Master Plan Review Summary

Since 2008, the following items have occurred in relation to the masterplan:

  • Floodlighting to the existing sports field was upgraded to 100 lux.
  • Open space has been set aside from the Waterford Rise subdivision across from Western Park.
  • Removable bollards have been installed near the sports pavilion to prevent traffic in this area.

Financial and Implementation Plan

The implementation of the Warragul Outdoor Recreation Plan will be dependent on available funding and the priorities of funding partners. This Plan is one of many recreation plans across the municipality and represents only a small section of Council’s total asset groups.

In order to reduce the overall financial commitment required from Baw Baw Shire, external funding opportunities and contributions will be explored from all potential stakeholders including clubs / associations, developers, schools, Committees of Management, Government Departments and associated authorities. 

The financial commitments outlined in the tables on this page are indicative estimates only and may change following detailed design works. Cost escalations should be considered.

The actions were prioritised as part of the consultation process into high, medium or low priority rankings. Some factors that may impact on the rankings include risk management, statutory or legal requirements; demand; the order in which sites can be developed and impact on participation.  

Further prioritisation of actions within each of these priority categories will be guided by the availability of funding, project readiness / approvals, establishment of partnerships and risk management.

Eastern Park



Indicative Cost/ Comment
Formalise existing car park & possible expansion (sealed) Complete
Level area used as informal bike jumps and create gateway landscape entrance Complete
Remove fence between park and community services Small section removed. Complete
Install new pavilion Complete
Install new playground Complete
Sports specific permanent infrastructure Complete
Park equipment Complete
Plant native vegetation at perimeter Complete
Training lights for oval High $150,000
Improve unisex facilities in pavilion by screening urinals or replacing with an additional toilet pan High $15,000
Review door/ corridor widths and privacy partitions to ensure stretcher access Low $25,000
Provide single unisex public toilet (to be low maintenance and include baby change) High $150,000
Improve connectivity by installing a 2.5m wide footpath along Normanby Street between Cambridge Drive and Stoffers Street High $100,000

14/15 financial year
Provide lighting along key access points Low $14,000
Provide more seating around the ground Low $2,500
Install more ground entry gates near coaches boxes Low $5,000
Sub Total $461,500


Burke Street Recreation Precinct

 Actions  Priority  Indicative Cost/ Comment
Install synthetic surface on bowling greens Complete
Upgrade surface in center of athletics facility for multi-use Complete
Develop facility (incl. change rooms) at Marist Sion to replace current pavilion Complete
2 standard size croquet courts Complete
Flood light one bowling green Complete
Construct new multi-use pavilion High $2,816,000
Demolition of Burke St pavilion (building occupied by Wild Dog Tri Club) Low Included in court costs
Renew existing 6 tennis courts Medium $346,500
4 new netball courts Medium $550,000
6 multi lined courts (tennis and netball) Low $1,760,000
Upgrade bowls clubhouse to accommodate croquet club/s Medium $400,000
Provide sufficient car parking (sealed) to accommodate projected use Medium $1,497,600
Upgrade walking track, when required, to meet relevant standards Low $120,000
Upgrade Warragul Regional College sports oval surface Low $20,000
Flood lighting sports field High $150,000
Upgrade athletics track / build new long jump Low
Replace pine barrier along Geoff Watt Track with flat tops to double as seating High $5,000
Sub Total $7,765,100
Warragul Leisure Centre redevelopment $15,000,000 Commence 14/15 financial year


Baxter Park

Baxter Park will be surplus to the soccer requirements of the community subject to the appropriate provision of soccer facilities elsewhere in Warragul.

The future role of Baxter Park should be determined by Council with consideration of future needs and its close proximity to local residents and schools.

Logan Park Recreation Park

 Actions  Priority Indicative Cost/ Comment
Feasibility Study (includes hydrology modeling to accommodate soccer facilities) Complete
Upgrade oval lighting to training standards High $150,000
Provide accessible toilet for RDA and small social space High $150,000
Upgrade existing pavilion to meet training requirements- include basic change rooms, toilets and unisex facilities to comply with building standards High $200,000
Improve traffic management Low $5,000
Mountain bike/ cyclocross circuit track Low $160,000
Feasibility and design of criterium track around edge of wetlans Low $25,000
Sub Total $690,000
Potential wetland $3,281,454

 Brooker Park Recreation Precinct


 Priority Indicative Cost/ Comment
Indoor court facility and change rooms Complete
Sub Total $0


Western Park Recreation Precinct

 Actions  Priority Indicative Cost/ Comment
Secure land as public open space Complete
Upgrade floodlighting to existing sports field Complete
Install removable bollards in front of sports pavilion Complete
Monitor stability of oval for movement. Manage environmental issues and land movement accordingly High Ongoing as required
Replace floodlighting fittings at netball courts from type B to type C to reduce obtrusive light Medium $12,000
Upgrade netball pavilion to incorporate sufficient club room, storage and meeting space and shelter for spectators Medum $50,000
Develop new senior sports field including floodlighting for training purposes on western side of Tarwin St. High $1,500,000
Sub Total $1,562,000
Total Indicative Cost To Implement Warragul Outdoor Recreation Plan (excluding Warragul Leisure Centre Redevelopment and Logan Park wetlands) $10,478,600

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