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The Drouin Recreation Plan provides a policy position and clear direction for the provision of sport and recreation facilities and opportunities for the Drouin township to the year 2030. 

This Plan was adopted by Council on 12 August 2009.

During 2013/2014, Council requested a review of recreation masterplans. Councillors undertook consultation with affected sporting groups and committees of management and a draft review document was released for public consultation in September 2014.

The Drouin Recreation Plan received 28 submissions during the consultation phase. This feedback, including priorities has been reviewed and used to inform this final review document. 

This document shows original masterplans for each site and where relevant also contains the updated masterplan so that a comparison can be made on the changes.

This plan considers the sport and recreation opportunities at Council reserves and schools within Drouin with a particular focus on sport and recreation facilities located at the following active reserves in Drouin:

  • Bellbird Park Drouin Recreation Reserve
  • Balmoral Park
  • Bellbird Park (includes Indoor Stadium Concept Plan)

Master Plan Review Summary

Since 2009, a number of recommendations for Bellbird Park have been implemented, including:

  • New synthetic sports facility with competition lighting.
  • Major upgrade of oval including drainage, irrigation, a sand based surface and turf wicket.
  • New timber floor on court 2 of the Bellbird Park Stadium.
  • Drainage installed on both the senior and junior soccer fields.
  • Security lighting in car parks.
  • Feasibility assessment for irrigation of sports grounds with treated effluent from Gippsland Water sewerage treatment facility and full construction specifications. The implementation of this project also attracted grant funding in 2014.
  • Walking path link around the wetland.
  • Purchase of land at Lardner to develop a municipal equestrian facility. The Drouin Pony Club and West Gippsland Adult Riders will relocate to this site.
  • Ecological assessment of native vegetation.
  • Redevelopment of picnic/ BBQ and play facilities.

The Indoor Stadium Concept Plan remains unchanged.  

Drouin Recreation Reserve Master Plan Summary

A significant number of recommendations have been implemented since 2009 including:

  • Redevelopment of netball courts 1 and 2 including new lighting and shelters
  • New pavilion for football and netball change rooms, canteen, gym and public toilets.
  • Old buildings have been demolished.
  • Oval irrigation system and minor drainage and resurfacing works
  • New barbecue rotunda
  • Pedestrian path links including the Path of Achievement
  • Electronic scoreboard  

Balmoral Park Master Plan Summary

Since 2009, the following recommendations for Balmoral Park have been implemented:

  • The two asphalt tennis courts have been redeveloped with a plexipave surface.
  • New fencing for four courts.
  • Renewed synthetic surface on four courts.
  • All courts now lit, with new lighting for courts 1-4.
  • Funding for renewal of the remaining two synthetic courts was announced in November 2014.

In 2014, the Drouin Tennis Club participated in an independent assessment of a potential multi-sport club to operate out of the golf club site in Drouin. This study demonstrated an improved financial performance could be expected if an amalgamation of the Drouin Bowling Club, Drouin Golf and Country Club and Drouin Tennis Club was to occur. Each of the clubs involved will need to consider their future in light of this report.

Whilst the Balmoral Park masterplan remains unchanged, if the Tennis Club is to remain at this site, they have provided the following feedback:

  • Regular maintenance will be required on both the courts and pavilion.
  • Pavilion refurbishment to consider a roof replacement, new accessible toilets with possible external access, kitchen upgrade, storage and possibly an enclosed veranda.
  • Upgrade lighting to courts 5-8 and ensure all courts meet competition standard.

Financial and Implementation Plan

The implementation of the Drouin Recreation Plan will be dependent on available funding and the priorities of funding partners. This plan is one of many recreation plans across the municipality and represents only a small section of Council’s total asset groups.

In order to reduce the overall financial commitment required from Baw Baw Shire, external funding opportunities and contributions will be explored from all potential stakeholders including clubs / associations, developers, schools, Committees of Management, Government Departments and associated authorities. 

The financial commitments outlined in the tables on this page are indicative estimates only and may change following detailed design works. Cost escalations should be considered. The actions were prioritised as part of the consultation process into high, medium or low priority rankings. Some factors that may impact on the rankings include risk management, statutory or legal requirements; demand; the order in which sites can be developed and impact on participation. 

Further prioritisation of actions within each of these priority categories will be guided by the availability of funding, project readiness / approvals, establishment of partnerships and risk management.

Bellbird Park

Actions  Priority Indicative Cost/Comment 
Eastern Section    
Detailed design, including botanist and vegetation plan for Bellbird Park   Complete
Develop multi-purpose field – hybrid facility with floodlighting (masterplan ref no. 2)   Complete
Develop path network connecting sporting fields, car park and new pavilion   Complete
Redevelopment of casual picnic/BBQ and play facilities   Complete
Replace soccer clubrooms and refurbish existing change room to add female change and disabled toilet High $550,000
Provide connectivity between Reserve and Blackwood Court and Forrest/ Boronia Streets High $20,000
Upgrade soccer field lights to meet training standard, with the capacity to upgrade to match lights in the future Low $25,000 for training standard only
Future expansion of existing car park as required to cater for growth High $150,000
Retain multi-purpose fields in natural grass, with a long term view to install a hybrid surface and consideration of lighting High  -
Undertake sub drainage works to address the excessive water on sports fields Low $150,000
Move gate entrance and spectator area of synthetic facility to east High $56,000
Update/ refurbish hockey pavilion to meet relevant sports standards, including social facilities High  $650,000
Undertake maintenance of vegetation High To be covered in operating budget
Sub Total   $1,601,000
Western Section    
Security lighting to existing car park   Complete
Relocate and develop district playground with picnic and BBQ facilities   Complete
Extension of the path network   Complete
Irrigation of oval   Complete
Resurfacing of oval   Complete
Future turf wicket on oval   Complete
Purchase new land and relocate equestrian activities as per the Equestrian Strategy   Land purchased, development in progress
Additional car parking with security lighting High $280,000
Implement recommendations from the Bellbird Park Water Conservation Feasibility Study High $850,000
Upgrade oval lighting to training standard Medium $150,000
Convert the site occupied by equestrian to open space, which can cater for future growth and need for sporting fields if required High  -
Future expansion of cricket net facilities Low $70,000
Sub Total   $1,350,000
Replace floor of Court 2   Complete
Investigate feasibility of further indoor sports courts  High $45,000
Detailed design of Indoor Stadium Concept Plan  High $100,000
Stadium upgrade construction  High $2,000,000
Bellbird Park Stadium Upgrade   $2,145,000
Total Bellbird Park   $5,096,000


Drouin Recreation Reserve

Actions   Priority Indicative Cost/Comment
Site preparation and demolition   Complete
Netball courts (1 and 2) redevelopment   Complete
Oval irrigation   Complete
New pavilion   Complete
New pedestrian paths   Complete
Plaques for path of achievement   Complete
New netball shelters and relocation of existing   Complete
Relocation of mesh fencing and new fencing   Complete
Gates- pedestrian and vehicular   Complete
Scoreboard   Complete
Oval surface upgrade, including drainage High $435,000
Lighting upgrade to remaining 4 netball courts to match standard Low $70,000
Extend group of 4 existing netball courts to comply with Netball Victoria requirements and consider seating. Stage 1- Courts 3 & 4
Stage 2- Courts 5 & 6

Stage 1-$200,000

Stage 2- $200,000

Lighting upgrade to oval to training standard High $150,000
Vehicle access road to be sealed and include drainage High $400,000
Water fountain for rotunda Low $3,000
Gravel overflow car park off Victoria Street with a defined in and out Medium $75,000
Seal and line mark car park near netball and badminton Medium  $145,000
Decommission cricket nets Low $2,000
Drouin Recreation Reserve Sub Total   $1,680,000


Balmoral Park

Actions   Priority Indicative Cost/Comment
Replace tennis court fencing- courts 5-8   Complete
Upgrade two asphalt tennis courts to acrylic   Complete
Installation of floodlighting to remaining four tennis courts   Complete
Replace tennis court surfaces at the end of their current life (courts 3 and 4) High $35,000- 14/15 financial year
Replace and/ or repair tennis court fencing- courts 1-4 High $25,000
Pavilion refurbishment High $80,000
Upgrade lighting to courts 5-8 and ensure all meet competition standard High $85,000
Balmoral Reserve Sub Total   $225,000
Total Drouin Recreation Plan   $7,001,000

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